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Acrylic Liquid Waterproofing

When a Good Quality Acrylic Liquid Waterproofing Product is the Only Way to Go

Thanks to incredible advancement in the liquid waterproofing sector, this excellent form of waterproofing is breaking down barriers in the construction sector. A liquid waterproofing system offers splendid benefits, and has become the preferred waterproofing method of roofs for many construction professionals. Acrylic liquid waterproofing systems provide one of the most cost-efficient methods for ensuring that a new or existing roof is entirely waterproof.

Correctly installed and sufficiently maintained, this system can provide a long-term life, often exceeding more than a quarter of a century. When you need to refurbish a roof, acrylic liquid waterproofing can also provide you with savings of as much as 70% of the roof replacement costs. However, this waterproofing system is not only fit for use on roofs, but can also be used on balconies, car parks, walkways and many other structures. It provides the benefit of a watertight surface that is also hard wearing.

Quality Acrylic Liquid Waterproofing for Excessively Durable Solutions

A good quality acrylic liquid waterproofing system provides an endurable and reliable solution. Its benefits are well-revered, making it clear why so many construction professionals trust this technology to keep their properties moisture-free. The many benefits of this waterproofing system can be summarised as follows:

  • Fully bonded;
  • Seamless;
  • Cold applied systems;
  • Minimum disruption;
  • Cost-efficient and guaranteed performance;
  • Compatible with most types of substrates and very easily detailed;
  • Technologically advanced and a long lifespan; and
  • Range of finishes, including solar reflectives.

These are only a few of the many benefits that have made acrylic liquid waterproofing systems one of the preferred waterproofing methods in South Africa today. Of course, another benefit of this system that helps construction companies to save a lot of money on their projects is the speed and ease of installation with which this system can be applied.

When applied to roofing, acrylic liquid waterproofing is sprayed onto the roof surface, and covers and coats the complete rooftop. As the coating is applied, it spreads and forms a monolithic and seamless roof membrane with no seams at all, or any penetration holes. It is a great waterproofing solution for those hard to reach places, including drains, pipes, HVAC equipment and walls, and just about anything else that makes a roof a difficult and unique challenge to waterproof.

An acrylic liquid waterproofing system also doesn’t require a roof tear-off. You can apply it directly on top of an existing roof deck and easily eliminate everything else involved in a roof tear-off. This system offers excellent quality waterproofing thanks to its monolithic and seamless membrane. This durable system expands and contracts with equal tension across the roof as temperatures fluctuate throughout the year, a great benefit for buildings that have to survive South Africa’s infamous climate.

Choose Gast’s Acrylic Liquid Waterproofing Solution for Your Building

At Gast, we bring many decades of experience to the engineering sector. Our Roofseal KG40 product is a celebrated polyester reinforced pure acrylic waterproofing membrane. This allows it to be effectively and efficiently applied to semi-stable substrates, which results in a monolithic and continuous membrane.

We have worked hard throughout the years to perfect our approach to waterproofing, and this product comes very close to our goal of achieving perfection. Our product is a whole bonded liquid-borne acrylate, which only further boosts its excellent versatility, as well as ease of application and repair.

When used together with a geo-fabric membrane, it offers incredibly long-lasting waterproofing for many different areas, including walls and roofs. Its application simply could not be any simpler or easier. However, before starting the waterproofing process, at Gast, we make sure that the area that is to be waterproofed is entirely stable, sound and free of any oil, debris or any other substance that might prevent the system from achieving a good bond to the substrate.

We provide a complete spectrum of quality services for the civil and construction industries, including design, supply and installation. Our philosophy has always been that of single point responsibility – the buck stops with us and we take responsibility for the success of each project that we undertake. Contact us to learn more about our acrylic liquid waterproofing solutions and to learn more about our many other services and solutions.