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Aqua Linings

Various Forms Of Aqua Linings In South Africa

Water can be an extremely destructive element. It does not necessarily require a vast amount of water to cause damage. Even a small amount of water can cause rust, corrosion and general damage.  This is why aqua linings are important. Aqua linings are used to seal of pipes and areas to prevent water leakage.

Most engineers take the waterproofing or aqua lining of buildings and structures very seriously. There are various ways that waterproofing can be done. Aqua lining itself involves painting APP and SBS modified bitumen to a surface. This particular “paint” is highly water resistant and easily fills in cracks and joins to ensure that water doesn’t seep through. Alternatively Acrylates can be used. This is a material that is polymer based. It is commonly used on porous materials as it easily expands to fill in gaps in order to waterproof the area or surface. Chlorosulfonated polyethylenes are also a popular type of waterproofing along with polyurethane and epoxies. All these products ensure that waterproofing is a simple task.

Aqua lining is ideal for retainer walls, swimming pools, mining shafts and even tunnels. If you are looking for some sort of guarantee of a leak free structure then take the time to chat to the various waterproofing teams in the area. Make sure that you ask them what methods of waterproofing or aqua lining they do and at what cost. It is important to understand the process and ensure that the task is carried out efficiently and by a team of experienced and qualified professionals.

When looking to have aqua lining done, take the time to contact Gast. This is an engineering company that was established in 1961. Their many years of experience in the industry have allowed them to provide clients with valuable information and advice regarding aqua lining, waterproofing and their rates. Waste no more time – ensure that your buildings and structures are properly protected against water damage today.