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Assurance Technicians

The Value Of Assurance Technicians
The level of quality of a product or service is very important, which is why it should be tested and regularly monitored. This enables the product or service to comply with regulations if need be, protects the manufacturers or providers from faulty claims, and provides the customer with the satisfaction and peace of mind that their product is in the correct and best working order. Assurance technicians perform this important function; their role is critical to the success of a business.
Take for example a civil engineering project where water supply needs to be implemented. The assurance technicians must determine whether the pipeline materials used conform to industry standard, whether all regulations are being complied with and whether the final product is indeed of an acceptable standard. Assurance technicians are beneficial to a company’s competitive edge, especially in sectors where consumers are no longer happy with adequate products, but except exceptional results.
Assurance technicians need to comply with their company’s assurance quality control system. This system may also include how contracts are compiled and presented. It may also include the governing of the quality of workmanship that is produced. Other aspects that may be found in a quality control system, is the control of the project’s documents and projects may be subjected to trials and testing. Quality assurance however does not guarantee that there will be no product failure, but it endeavours to prevent any.
Failure testing involves stressing a product to determine its weaknesses. During this type of testing, the product may be exposed to heat, light, moisture and other variables depending on the circumstances under which it will be working. GAST, a company that was founded in 1961 and their assurance technicians operate under an ISO 9001 based quality control system. They commit for their work to comply with all regulations including safety and environmental requirements. For assurance technicians you can trust, contact GAST today.