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Bulk Water Supply Projects in South Africa

If you have watched the news lately, you will be aware that not all South Africans are receiving basic services in their communities, as far as water and electricity are concerned. The people in these communities are protesting the lack of service delivery on a regular basis and their demonstrations are becoming more and more violent as the government fails to deliver on its’ promises. It has therefore become necessary to upgrade the bulk water supply systems to many previously disadvantaged areas in the country. There are currently various projects underway, such as the Alexandra renewal project and the Groot Letaba water project, contributing to eliminating the water delivery problem.

Although some of the projects only require an upgrade in a water system which is already in place, other areas require the implementation of entirely new system. Whatever the case, these bulk water supply projects are very complex in nature and require many qualified professionals as well as construction and development companies to ensure that every South African has access to clean running water. Not only do water reservoirs need to be built to hold the water but an extensive underground pipe system must be laid. It is important that these projects are completed quickly but that they are also held to the highest industry standards.

Nothing will infuriate the people of South Africa more than if the water projects follow the lead of the RDP housing development project. Many of the people who received housing through this project had their houses demolished due to inferior building supplies and construction and they are still waiting to receive new houses. However, if the water supply starts leaking or fails, it may not be as simple as demolishing and rebuilding the system. A leak or failure in a water supply system could have serious health and safety consequences for the population and the environment.

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