• HQ Call: +27 (0)12 660 1616
  • Email: info@gast.co.za
  • GAST Liberty Park 96, Achilles Str. Zwavelpoort, Pretoria, South Africa


Originally founded in South Africa in the early 60’s, GAST has always been seen as a family orientated business with family values. Our teams and staff are the backbone of our success as an organization. GAST follows a philosophy of a high quality of life for our staff members resulting in higher work morale thus creating a more successful organization. GAST is always in need to improve our human capacity as we are constantly expanding into the world markets.



GAST operates in over 25 countries worldwide in various industries related to construction & civil engineering. Our teams and “family members” are ever pushing the boundaries as to what can be achieved in some of the most hospitable areas in the world. GAST is always looking for new members to join our ranks who are creative, have vision and prepared to push their own limits. Please see our “Current Vacancies” page to find all available positions.