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Exterior Viewpoints

Never fear anything, fear is the tool that cripples us without it actually ever existing. You have nothing to fear, you have everything to gain...

Change is inevitable

"Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.".....

The High’s & The Low’s

That is the secret, not some fancy formula or mumbo jumbo, it's all about how quickly you recover from the lows and how much you persist. There will always be lows, if you have $1million business or a $1billion business, the reactions are the exact same, the scale is just different....

We are Family…

We are real people with our own families and even though we are a Corporate entity we still have real family values. We believe in doing business ethically, add value and genuinely care about our clients, their projects and how we can assist them to make their lives easier & better. It's a cornerstone of who and what GAST stands for...

Maybe it’s Time

Have we really asked ourselves why have these entities survived the previous 50 years including all the historical tribulations, yet they could not or are struggling to survive now? Something obviously does not make sense...

The Future vs. The Old Ways

The Future vs. The Old Ways ! Eeek! I'm personally still from the old guard and I therefore prefer the Old ways (Analogue) of doing things yet I'm forced to adapt to the new ways (Digital), which I guess has been inevitable for all of us one way or another. Questions how fast is this moving and can we keep up?...
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