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Change is inevitable

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Welcome to another edition of the CEO’s Corner, I hope you had an opportunity to read my third post “The High’s & The Low’s” which was written earlier this month. As you know these pieces are written in the early hours of the morning with a cup of Joe and not enough caffeine stimuli, therefore please be gentle when reading them.

Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.” William Pollard

If we travel back in history and look at some of the most innovative, creative and mankind directional changes, we find 100’s and 1000’s of situations where things were seen as impossible or not achievable. Moments/inventions that changed the course of mankind with people like William Murdoch who didn’t actually invent the steam engine, but was the first to develop a steam road locomotive, or Henry Ford who did not invent the motor vehicle or the assembly line but modernised it in such a way that paved the way for future manufacturing lines. One of my personal favorites is Nicola Tesla which as we all know worked on Wireless Energy/Power and can be seen as one of the forefathers of today’s wireless charging pads.

Our own company has gone through a “metamorphosis” of some sort over the last 60 years. We initially started off as inventors, creators, developing and perfecting ” plasticisation” of soil, including various paint compounds and paint formulas. Inevitably we had to change as our inventions and creations were not generating income, and as such we had to become businessman. Throughout the years in essence, GAST slowly changed to a “business” business and not so much an invention/creation company, and we relied heavily on our past inventions and successes to assist us in creating more business for the future. Unfortunately/fortunately the world around us has changed and it’s changing even faster as time goes by.

We found ourselves a few years back stuck in a rut not moving and adapting to the environment around us, we stopped being innovative, we stopped finding solutions for difficult problems and we relied heavily on our past successes. We were still very analogue, using highly outdated processes, procedures, systems and software. They worked fantastically, our policies and procedures are the bedrock of our success but they were written/designed in a different time.

Like Henry Ford or William Murdoch, GAST which once was an innovative, creative and solution driven entity stopped doing those successful actions. So how do you embrace change, how do you find yourself (GAST) again? Many, many years ago the Gast family started creating leather books and was issued out to each family executive, with the sole purpose that when you learn something new or found a solution to a problem, to write them down, so that future generations can learn from past mistakes…

Yes these books really exist, no I cannot show you what they say inside….. What I can say though is that believe it or not, there is something in there which I found very insightful, it read:

Change is inevitable, you cannot rest on your laurels, innovation & creation will the pillar of our success. Adapt, adapt……

These books also contain the missing formula to a new fusion reactor and a quantum vacuum thruster. Jokes aside, I found this very insightful and a few years ago, it started re-energizing our drive and focus within GAST. We had to get back to our roots and start being innovative/creative, and find solutions to those difficult problems our clients face on a day to day basis. GAST is now first and foremost an Innovation and Creative entity rather than a business, we love making or creating new things. We love going where no man has gone before, it is in our genes, our bones and we live it everyday.

So in the larger GAST Group, what have we innovated since then, what have we created in the last couple of years;

  • GOOD MORNING™ – World’s first clinically proven Hangover treatment (I had to put this first ?).
  • CLEARWATER™ – Chemically free, water treatment solution.
  • BOWEL BALANCE™ – Medical device for treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome which is non systemic.
  • AUTONOMOUS YELLOW PLANT – Fully autonomous yellow plant (In Development).
  • CONSTRUCTION ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – Full AI to manage various construction solutions (In Development).

Change really is inevitable, it’s how you adapt to the changes and/or be the driving force to bring about change. GAST might be a “small” South African born company with an international footprint, but we are on a journey to change the world, we are on a journey to change lives, we are on a journey to change the course for mankind for the better. We have some very bright people that work for GAST, who are tiresomely working around the clock to find new and innovative ways to bring about that change.

So what does the future hold for GAST, where are we going and how are we going to get there:

  1. GAST CLEARWATER™ Residential – technology is honestly revolutionary and we hope to have a miniaturised unit in every home, like a TESLA Powerwall except this is for water. Imagine having a wall purification unit that purifies your black (sewerage), grey (bath & shower water) and other waters to be potable water. Almost completely removing you from the water grid.
  2. GAST CLEARWATER™ Municipal – technology enabling most municipalities to treat their effluent at a fraction of the cost with little to zero wastage factors. Making your municipality more efficient, providing cleaner water and charging you less for that water. This is especially applicable to where water is scarce.
  3. GAST CLEARWATER™ Commercial – technology enabling most shopping malls, commercial buildings to recycle all their current effluent & water providing them a considerable cost saving, not to mention a possible “off the grid” solution just like solar panels but with water.
  4. GAST AUTONOMY – Creating the yellow plant of the future, why only have autonomous vehicles ? When you can run a complete earthworks project fully autonomous. The machines only need fuel and the odd maintenance, increasing your productivity, cutting down your loss time and completing your project at a fraction of the time and costs.
  5. GAST AI – Finding a solution that can analyse all the construction variables from budget, time, resources, human resources, equipment, weather, scope changes, variations, claims, and so much more. The AI takes all these variables into consideration and provides you solutions on the fly, it will also be able to direct your autonomous yellow plant to ensure the most optimal course of action is taken.

The above mentioned are just some of our technologies we are working on to create change to the world. Imagine recycling your waste water, your grey water at a fraction of the cost of what the water would actually cost you and almost being completely off the grid. Maybe in the future one can sell water back to a municipality. This technology can provide a multitude of solutions to water scarce and water deprived areas, it can disrupt and change for the better the face of mankind. Developing new technologies timeously can often be costly and challenging, which is an intensive process and we might not have all the solutions right now but we are moving in the right direction to bring about that change and adapt to the changes around us.

I implore you to get involved, maybe through GAST or any initiative that creates a better future for our species. We are always looking to collaborate, so if you can provide some technical insight, funding or ideas please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Thank you to our most avid supporters and backers, our clients, our staff, our partners and suppliers. GAST and humanity can only move forward if we all move forward together. We thank you for all your support.


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