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Civil Consulting

Why Your Company Needs to Engage Civil Consulting Services

Civil engineering remains one of the broadest and most popular fields of engineering. This branch of engineering deals with the design and construction of buildings, highways, tunnels, dams and bridges, among other structures. Two incredibly important aspects within this field are civil consulting engineering and contracting engineering.

The key responsibility of the civil consulting engineer is to take care of the actual construction. They play an important role in transforming a designed layout into the actual architecture. However, civil consulting and engineering also encompass many other specialisations that are important parts of the sector.

Engaging With Civil Consulting

Here are a few instances of when your business needs to engage with expert civil consulting, for their expertise in pulling off a successful construction project.

  1. When You Don’t Have the Engineering Capacity

Oftentimes, construction companies, developers, manufacturers or even government departments do not have the required engineering capacity and need to work with civil consulting experts for their engineering capabilities.

Few companies keep engineers on staff, as it can quickly become an expensive overhead for the company. Therefore, many businesses choose to hire civil consulting services on a project-by-project basis.

  1. When Your Engineering Staff Don’t Qualify in the Required Area

Some businesses, especially property developers, do have an in-house engineering department. In some instances, the in-house engineering employees are not skilled in the required discipline for a particular construction project.

Here, property developers or housing development businesses may engage civil consulting services to assist with specific design aspects of the housing project that their in-house team do not have the capacity or expertise to handle.

  1. When the In-house Engineers Can’t Take on the Extra Workload

Even though some companies have a fully qualified in-house engineering team working for them full time, with the capacity to undertake special assignments, oftentimes, the professionals cannot be spared from their daily workload. It would not be efficient or economical to engage more full-time staff to deal with the work overload, so instead, they opt for civil consulting services to get the job done.

  1. In Need of Outside Expertise

Another reason why you may be in need of civil consulting services is when you need the opinion of an acknowledged expert. It is an affordable and convenient way to access the expertise that you need to pull off a successful construction project, without having to the pay full-time salaries that civil engineering professionals demand.

Turn to Gast for Expert Civil Consulting Services in South Africa

Since 1961, we have been providing South Africa with the engineering services and solutions that it needs to prosper in the 21st century. Today, we have become an industry leader in our sector, and we work hard to build on our reputation and legacy, and continue delivering the results that our clients now expect of us.

Our civil consulting consists mainly of providing design and analysis services. Our services include the designing of:

  • Buildings;
  • Bridges;
  • Water treatment plants; and
  • Highways, etc.

Our civil consultants can also examine environmental situations, so as to prevent water and soil contamination from occurring during the construction process. We are proud of our long service history in the industry, and we continue to provide our clients with the expertise that they need to take care of their construction projects with ease.

Aside from providing civil consulting, our other consulting services also include:

  • Geotechnical consulting: Our geotechnical consulting services involve the specifying, testing and investigating of mechanical and physical properties and behaviours of surface earth materials. These materials can include dimension stones, soil, ground water and stones.
  • Structural consulting: This consulting deals with the design and analysis of structures that support or resist loads.
  • Environmental consulting: This forms part of compliance consulting, where our consultants work with you to make sure that your business abides to all relevant environmental regulations.

These are only a few of the many solutions and services that you can expect from us, at Gast. Our team of professionals is always at hand to provide you with all of the information that you will need to make informed business decisions. Contact us, at Gast, to find out more about our civil consulting solutions and to benefit from partnering with an industry leader.