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Civil Engineering Africa

Challenges For Civil Engineering Companies In Africa

Civil engineering in the African environment has unique challenges. The ever changing climate as well as the harsh landscape must be taken into account. Some areas in Africa experience extreme weather conditions from bitter cold and snow during the winter months to high temperatures and monsoon rains in the summer months. These extreme changes in the weather and the temperature can play havoc with any buildings or constructions that are erected by civil engineering companies in Africa. Civil engineers must take all these factors into account right from the planning stages of a construction project to the completion of the building or structure.

This is due to the fact that weather conditions and temperature fluctuations can have a great impact on these manmade structures that are created by civil engineering companies in Africa. Hot and cold temperatures cause building materials to expand and contract on a continual basis. Civil engineering must allow for this expansion and contraction while providing enough support within the structure to keep it stable. Not providing for this movement and supplying the correct amount of support for a structure will cause walls, floors and ceilings to crack resulting in a total collapse.

But before civil engineering can even begin inspecting the quality of all the items necessary for the construction, an entire team of other engineers, scientist and mechanists need to create and perfect all the building materials. These people are constantly coming with new innovations and products to provide the field of civil engineering with all the tools and materials that they need to guarantee the structural integrity of a construction. A civil engineering company in Africa can then select the products that are most suitable and necessary to begin the construction.

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