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What Does a Civil Engineering Company Do?

Prior to the first kick off of the first game of the Soccer World Cup, South Africa was a hive of activity. New road infrastructure, the Gautrain and numerous new and upgraded stadiums dotted the landscape and every civil engineering company in the country seemed to have enough projects to tide it over for the foreseeable future. However the unthinkable has happened, the majority of these companies have met or exceeded their targets and many of these projects are coming to an end.

So what’s in store for a civil engineering company in South Africa now? What’s in the pipeline and what are the country’s most pressing needs that will require the specialised knowledge of a civil engineering company? South Africa has placed itself on the world stage by hosting an extremely successful Soccer World Cup and by all accounts this will translate into an increasing influx of visitors to the countries shores, one commentator said that the coverage of South Africa during the World Cup did more for the image and attractiveness of the country than 100 years of activity by the Marketing Council.

The question remains though whether South Africa currently possess the infrastructure to adequately take care of its own citizens, let alone the influx of new visitors that is expected in the coming months and years. The short answer is no. South Africa’s infrastructure is under enormous strain in terms of both potable water and electricity supply. There is a housing shortage and the educational system is in crisis. It’s going to take the combined efforts of each and every civil engineering company in South Africa, combined with government will to correct these problems.

In the opinion of many experts the job is doable however. We have not yet reached the tipping point and projects that are being rolled out today seem to be moving us further away from that point of no return. If you want to know how a single civil engineering company is making a difference to the lives of ordinary South Africans, contact us.