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Civil Engineering In South Africa

3 Areas Of Civil Engineering In South Africa

There will always be a need for civil engineering in South Africa, and we are able to meet the challenge of offering quality, competitive and expert services in the civil engineering industry. Operating since 1961, we have stood the test of time to garner a well deserved industry wide reputation of excellence. We have come a long way since our initial formation and have gone on to operate in and service more than 15 African and Middle East countries, providing cutting edge technology and the latest techniques. Building on our years of industry experience, we now specialize in not only civil engineering but affiliated industries as well.

There are three areas of civil engineering in South Africa we excel in, namely:

  • Agri Business
  • Bulk Water Supply and
  • Geosynthetics

Agri Business

Agriculture is a staple industry in South Africa and we not only recognize its importance, but its potential as well. We therefore identify the need for sustainable Agri Business, and actively work together with Public Participation and Rural Development. After the new water source has been identified and secured, we will aid in utilizing the newly cultivated source to its utmost potential. This will include key reticulation for irrigation and human consumption. Often times reservoir sites are far removed from consumer take-off points, and this is where we step in to co-ordinate both of these sites as well as assisting with crop determination.

Bulk Water Supply

Ranging from Bulk Water Supply for irrigating and portable use, we provide cost effective solutions to our clients. The only dependable and ultimately responsible water resources remain dams and reservoirs. Traditional concrete can be replaced by floating covers which will aid in maintaining water purity. Canals are proven to provide the most cost efficient and fast delivery of water, and our designed and installed canals can accommodate a velocity of up to 2m/s. What is more, installation time is exactly one third than that of concrete lined canals. Rural areas are in need of water purification – to achieve this we purify waste water and make it suitable for various applications.


We pride ourselves in our offering of both superior products and installation services, and in being the preferred firm for civil engineering in South Africa. We can confidently proclaim that no other company or supplier has the experience, quality, financial stability and innovation that have become synonymous with our brand. We not only provide a complete service for any geosynthetic requirement, but also unparalleled support. Detailed drawings are provided on request as well as extensive technical support which will assist in the design, culminating in the most efficient and cost effective configuration to meet each specific project’s individual requirements. We also operate assurance quality control based on ISO 9001 principles, governing all aspects of the operation for a guarantee of quality and excellence.

With more than 50 years’ industry experience when it comes to civil engineering in South Africa, no one can compare to our expert services and superior products. For a complete spectrum of services ranging from both design and supply to installation in both the construction and civil industries, contact us at Gast today.