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Civil Engineering South Africa

MERSETA And Civil Engineering In South Africa

MERSETA is the sector education and training authority for the fields of manufacturing, engineering and related services in South Africa. This SETA cannot emphasise enough the great need and importance for improving skills development in the field of civil engineering in South Africa. This is includes not only upgrading the skills of existing experts and professionals in the field of civil engineering but creating an interest in school leavers to study this important discipline in South African infrastructure and development.

Civil engineering in South Africa incorporates a range of discipline that an engineering student can specialise in once they completed their initial engineering studies. One of the fields in civil engineering that is continually growing in both popularity and importance around the world and in South Africa is that of environmental engineering. This mainly involves the impact that structures and buildings will have on the environment as well as the impact the environment will have on the manmade structures that we are continually erecting. Further to the field of environmental engineering is the reclamation of land for reserves and wetlands so that we can preserve the planet better for future generations.

Another important field in civil engineering in South Africa is the part that deals with building and construction. This involves every structure that is erected and involves everything from the materials used in construction, to the planning of buildings within an urban environment and ensuring the structural integrity of a construction. This is a great field to get involved as a learner can further specialise in one of the many aspects of structural engineering.

To find out more about MERSETA and the ways in which they are trying to improve the civil engineering field in South Africa as well as attract the great minds of tomorrow to this field, please contact Gast.