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Colorless Water Repellant for Freedom from the Damp

There is a great necessity in modern society to waterproof our structures and buildings. Damp can cause a variety of health and safety issues such as the deterioration of walls and the growth of mould. This has necessitated the development of materials that are not only water proof but in fact repel water. Basically this means that water is pushed away from the material keeping it and the underlying structure dry and damp free at all times. A colourless water repellent is one of these products and delivers much better damp proofing results than conventional or traditional paints or materials.

These repellents are normally silicone based and are ideal for use on porous surfaces. This means that it can safely be sprayed or painted onto cement, brick, and other popular building materials. It can also be used in cement pipes and drainage systems to help prevent corrosion caused by the constant flow of water as the water will in essence never come into contact with the pipe.

There are various types of colorless water repellant that are dependant upon the porous nature of the building material as well as the situation of the building. It is important that the surface is total clean and free of any debris before treating it with a water repellent. The repellent is also self cleaning which minimises the need for maintaining the building or structure that has been treated.

This type of water repellent has been used successfully on historical buildings and landmarks to protect them against water damage and corrosion. Aesthetics are important to us and the development of products that help restore and maintain the beauty of our cities and towns is essential.

For more information regarding a colorless water repellant and its’ various applications and uses in modern society, please contact us.