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Construction And Development

Quality Management In Construction And Development
One of the important aspects of project management in construction and development is quality management. This ensures that all products are made to specification and safeguards the construction and development manager from any failure in the product. Quality management involves the use of products and services according to the industry standard; this standard help products to perform at an effective level and to withstand the pressures that the product will have to endure.
Quality management in construction and development may include the following aspects:

  • Do products undergo the necessary product testing in order for the products to be deemed safe? Testing for weaknesses and strengths will provide important information, which will help the project manager to determine which products to use in a project.
  • Are failed products evaluated to determine the cause of failure? Analysis of failed products may be a big source of valuable information for future products. It may even lead to the engineering of new products which may take the industry by storm.
  • In construction and development, does the building work comply with all national regulations? In South Africa, we do not experience dramatic earthquakes and tsunamis such as those happening in other parts of the world. Nevertheless, buildings need to be able to withstand a certain amount of natural force such as wind, water and small tremors.

Quality management in construction and development also means that quality products are sourced from reputable suppliers. A reputable supplier of services and products to the construction industry is Gast. We have been providing construction and development services in South Africa for over 50 years. Our range of services includes waterproofing, design and installation of geomembranes and design and installation of piping. Feel free to contact us for more information on quality management in construction and development.