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Construction and Development in South Africa

Construction In South Africa Has A New Lease On Life
Construction and development is on the upturn once again after the debilitating credit crisis over the past couple of years, with construction and development both here in South Africa and right across the globe completing a 360 degree circle. Developers are treading softly on their way forward, but there is a definite positive upswing in projects all over the globe.

An excellent example is Dubai, which is fast making a recovery in the economy, albeit a little on the sluggish side. GCC countries are snapping up property here; these investors are primarily from Kuwait and Bahrain. Perhaps the great powers of the world will heed the lessons of the past when the recovery is complete, and hold back a little on the reckless spending and lending habits that have been the downfall of superpowers in the past. It is predicted that it will take at least another eighteen months for a full economic recovery to take place.

In the meantime Gast still provides a complete range of excellent services that range from design and supply to installation in the construction and development industries. What makes this civil engineering group stand out head and shoulders above all other development and construction companies is that it has a principle which is based on single point philosophies.

Gast is able to boast completing construction and development projects in other locations besides those in South Africa; having successfully executed in excess of 9150 projects during the last millennium, the company  is able to add the accreditation from the United Nations and World Bank to their list of successes.

Since the formation of this hugely successful company in 1961, they have not only successfully serviced South African projects, but have also constructed and developed various projects in other parts of Africa and the Middle Eastern markets. This professional company has been able to offer technology and quality civil engineering to no fewer than fifteen countries, flourishing and growing from strength to strength.

2010 World Cup

Hosting the FIFA Soccer World Cup Tournament in 2010 has inspired the development of many stadiums in South African cities, creating thousands of jobs and injecting an air of inspiration turning the recent doom and gloom around and inspiring an aura of hope and strength. The world has viewed South Africa in a different light ever since, with much investing taking place. The Gautrain is another excellent example of inspirational construction and development that is presently taking place in South Africa.

Find the company for construction and development that is dedicated and committed to excellence in customer satisfaction and one which will incorporate design, manufacture and commissioning of all projects to a definitive specification. Projects executed by Gast will fulfil all the basic requirements that will affect health, safety and environmental conservation.

To find out more on professional construction and development in South Africa, be sure to contact us today. With our experience and knowledge we will be able to provide you with high quality service, no matter the size of your project.