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Control Water Underground with Pipes

Complex systems of pipes and valves are used to control water underground and deliver clean drinking water to our homes and buildings. New pipes are being laid daily through various water resource projects to ensure that all South Africans have access to clean drinking water. It is important to ensure that the pipes are made from materials or lined with materials that minimise corrosion and make sure they are waterproof. Many pipe systems in South Africa are outdated and need to be upgraded to ensure health and safety as well as to meet the demand of the population. Towns and cities are growing and expanding at a rapid rate and the influx of workers from rural communities place a great strain on the underground pipe systems.

This system of pipes must be constantly maintained and regulated so as not to cause leaks or corrosion to the pipes. A leak in an underground pipe can cause the environment to contaminate the clean water supply being delivered to your home, meaning that the water in your home will not meet the correct standards for human consumption. Vice versa, effluent being transported to a water treatment facility can leak into the environment causing pollution and irreparable damage to the water table. Thus it is important to control water underground using the latest advancements in technology and engineering.

If a leak is suspected, it is imperative that a water resource engineer locate the source of the leak as quickly as possible to minimise any health and safety risks. Once the leak is located, the water to the affected area can be shut off via a series of valves until a repair crew can be dispatched. It is then a simple matter of repairing or replacing the pipes so that the flow of water can be re-established.

To find out more about the ways to control water underground and the various related health and safety issues, please contact us.