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Divert Water from any Terrain with Canals and Drainage Ditches

It is important to be able to divert water from any terrain as water is the greatest destructive and corrosive force in nature. There are many ways in which you can minimise water damage to your property. Digging ditches and canals in your garden will help ensure that your soil does not wash away when the next rainy season hits. Water must also be sufficiently drained away from the foundations of your home to ensure the structural integrity of the building and to minimise damp seeping through the walls into your home. Painting any metal or other items that may be corrosive, with a layer of anti-corrosive paint will prevent the deterioration of these items.

On a much larger scale, canals and drainage ditches help divert water from any terrain such as cities and towns where flooding can occur easily. Roadways and streets can easily become rivers during heavy rainfall if they do not have storm water drains to drain the water from the tarmac. The storm water drains deliver the water to cement canals which redirects the water to a more suitable location such as dam or reservoir. It is important to stay away from these structures as the re-routing of water can cause flash floods in areas where there is no rain falling.

It is even more important to divert water in agriculture. A storm can wash away seed or seedlings before they have a chance to establish a route system. Existing crops can wilt and perish if water is allowed to wash away the nutrients and minerals necessary for them to survive and yield healthy produce. The canals and drainage ditches can also be used to channel water into dams that can be stored to water crops during dry times.

To find out more on how to divert water from any terrain and keep your property safe from corrosion, please contact us.