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Engineering Landfills

Factors To Consider When Engineering Landfills

Landfills are the sites where most of the rubbish and waste created by human beings is sent to be disposed of. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when engineering landfills and landfill sites. The first and perhaps most important aspect is the natural environment around a proposed site for a landfill. Waste can be toxic or create toxins as it decomposes creating immense problems to the immediate environment. Engineering landfills means that the site must be placed well away from nature reserves as well as water supplies that may become toxic as a result of the waste being placed in the area.

Underground water tables must also be taken into account when engineering landfills. Any toxins that leak into the water table can lead to the water in an entire area being contaminated and unsafe or human consumption. Gasses and airborne toxins are also released when the waste in landfills begins to decompose. These airborne toxins can lead to extreme health hazards in the human population group and placing the waste sites far away from urban or other inhabited areas is of great importance in engineering landfills.

The capacity of a waste site must also be taken into account when engineering landfills. The landfill site must be able to naturally hold the waste that is proposed to be sent to it or it must be engineered to safely hold the waste over a given number of years. Engineering landfills must also take into account the future use of the landfill site. Once a landfill site has reached its capacity and can no longer hold any new waste, the area must be left for a pre-determined period to allow the maximum deterioration of the waste placed in the area. This capacity and the pre-determined period form part of the planning phases of engineering landfills.

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