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Engineering Linings

Engineering linings are mostly used where liquid materials are stored, pumped or canalised and can be made of a variety of materials, which serve different purposes. Engineering linings, such as geomembrane linings, are used in liquid supply and storage applications such as water storage facilities, dams, canals, sewerage plants, hazardous substance landfills, mining projects and more. Geomembranes are made of geosynthetic materials and can be designed and made to order.

Engineering linings are beneficial especially to water processes. In the mining industry, underground water sources that are not kept under control may cause underground flooding, leading to erosion of support structures. This may lead to a collapse of the underground mining tunnels, which is incredibly dangerous. To prevent water flow in underground mining operations, waterproofing may also be considered. Products that are used for waterproofing include APP Modified Bitumen, SBS Modified Bitumen and Polyurethane.

When compiling a design for engineering linings for your project, there are a number of factors to consider. Firstly, are the linings tested by quality assurance technicians, who certified the quality and durability of the product? Secondly, are the engineering linings and the process that is used to produce them, compliant with all relevant regulatory requirements? Thirdly, what will be the specific product’s impact on the environment? This last point is becoming ever more important because of pollution, resource scarcity and the occurrence of natural disasters. What happens if an earthquake hits a toxic chemical landfill site? Will the linings be able to withstand heavy vibrations without tearing or will they be too brittle and release the toxic waste into the eco-system?

It is therefore very important to choose a supplier which has proven experience in the field of engineering linings, such as GAST, which has completed around 9150 projects since its inception in 1961. Contact them for products such as geomembranes, geotextiles, geonets, geocomposites and more.