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Enhanced Water Quality Control

Water quality affects our everyday lives and in industries like the mining and engineering sectors, water plays a critical role in the effectiveness of a project. To better understand the meaning of enhanced water quality control, let us explain the types of water. Water is mainly categorized according to their purpose into three categories and each has its own requirements for storage, quality and purification.

Influent water is raw water which may need to be canalised or pumped to its destination. Influent water will benefit from enhanced water quality control. Treatment in this case may involve adding chemicals or other substances, to prepare the water for consumption. The water may also need to be prepared for use in manufacturing or mining processes.

Process or bulk water supply, which may need to be stored and would require the use of floating covers or linings such as geomembranes. They protect the structure from corrosion, leakages and help to maintain enhanced water quality control.

Lastly, there is effluent water, in other words sewerage water, which needs to be filtered and treated before it is released back into the eco-system. Enhanced water quality control in this case is of utmost importance as untreated sewerage water poses great risk. Waterborne diseases that arise from sewerage water, is incredible dangerous, infectious and causes many deaths especially in Africa. Waterborne diseases include Cholera, Dysentery, Typhoid fever, Hepatitis A and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.

Enhanced water quality control is of special importance in South Africa, which is in the first place a water scarce country and in second place has a thriving mining industry. The mining industry in South Africa has a responsibility towards the public to respect the natural water resources of the country and to strive to purify its effluent mine water as much as possible.

There are a number of companies that provide services in the line of enhanced water quality control. GAST has been in operation since 1961, making them a trustworthy contact for advice in this matter.