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Environmental Consulting

Environmental Consulting and How It Can Benefit Your Business

More and more companies around South Africa, and the rest of the continent and the globe, are looking towards environmental consulting to ensure that their carbon footprints remain as limited as possible. Businesses from all economic sectors turn to environmental consulting to ensure that they fully comply with all environmental regulations. This discipline covers a broad variety of different environmental services, oftentimes tailored to specific industries.

These industries can include the gas and oil industries, coal mines and coal bed methane, to name a few. More and more companies are choosing environmental consulting as a way to help avoid waste that derives from improper environmental land use. The services of professional environmental consultants can help your business to enjoy maximum use out of your property.

These consulting services can also ensure that your business gets off to an environmentally sound start when taking on specific projects. If you need help with getting the proper permits to start a project, it may also do your business well to team up with seasoned environmental consultants once the planning stage has been completed.

How Gast’s Environmental Consulting Can Help Your Business

At Gast, we work hard to offer our clients expert environmental consulting solutions that add tangible value to the concerns and companies of our clients. Our services are aimed to help companies avoid waste and causing damage to the environment. We assist companies with collecting information on the local ecosystem, which will assist with the planning stage of projects.

We also help our clients by monitoring construction and other projects that can potentially be damaging to the ecosystem. Our services are particularly popular among companies that work with or around vegetation, soil or wetlands. We are proud of our long history of service and continue to provide our clients with expert and affordable services that offer true value to their companies.

Taking Environmental Consulting to the Next Level

Our environmental consulting solutions form part of our compliance consulting. Dedicated consultants work with you to ensure that your business abides by all environmental regulations as set out by the South African government. Now you don’t have to worry about hitting or missing the mark, with expert guidance from seasoned and professional consultants, you can keep up to date with the latest regulations.

For companies that don’t specialise in it, it can be tough and challenging to keep up to date with all of the new and updated laws regulating the industry. It can also be challenging ensuring your company’s compliance, so let us help you achieve this goal. We are proud of our successful service history in helping to keep our clients compliant, and will do the same for you.

Aside from environmental consulting, we also offer many other consultancies, including:

  • Waste consulting – This service plays an important role with South Africa’s modern companies that are in need of lowering their carbon footprints, and move towards a green future. Let our waste consulting provide you with sustainable ways to lower your waste production, and boost your recycling operations and options.
  • Structural consulting – This form of consulting deals with the analysis and design of structures intended to resist or support loads.
  • Civil consulting – These services consist mainly of providing our clients with design and analysis solutions. Our services include planning and designing buildings, highways, bridges and water treatment plants, etc. Our civil consultants also work with you to examine environmental situations, so as to prevent water and soil contamination during construction.

These are only a few of the areas of expertise and environmental consulting solutions available from us at Gast. We continue to work hard to provide our clients with the expertise that they need to take their companies into the future. Aside from our consultancies, we also provide a complete spectrum of services, from the supply, to design and installation of both the construction and civil industries.

Our philosophy is based on single point responsibility, and the buck always stops with us. With more than 11 150 projects under our belt in the previous millennium alone, we also boast United Nations and World Bank accreditation. This further gives credit to our quality and performance on all dynamics. Speak to us about our environmental consulting solutions and how it can benefit your business.