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Geocomposite Materials For Draining Purposes.
The engineering industry has brought us many quality inventions which we use in everyday life. One of these inventions is geocomposite materials. Geocomposites are made from a combination of natural and synthetic materials. This type of material is usually porous in order to allow water to filtrate through the material.
Here are a few examples of geocomposite materials for draining purposes:

  • Geocomposite linings for landfills are used to drain water from the landfill. They may be placed at the bottom of the landfill and allow water to pass through the lining, while preventing dirt and other substances to get passed the lining.
  • Geocomposite materials for draining purposes used in retainer walls help to relieve pressure that builds up against the wall. Water gathers in the soil either through rain or rivers that form underground. If this pressure isn’t relieved, the retainer wall might not be able to handle so much pressure and subsequently collapse. Geocomposite liners will enable the retainer wall to allow water drainage through the porous material.
  • Some geocomposite materials are used as part of filtration systems. The materials provide effective filtration of liquids by holding back solid materials and allowing liquids to pass through.

Geocomposite materials may be engineered specifically to fit the needs of the client and may be manufactured from materials which are specifically suited to the contents of the landfill, water storage facility or filtration system. Clients may have specific requirements not mentioned above, but which can be met by using engineered geocomposite materials.
A company which supplies quality geocomposite materials for draining purposes is Gast. They operate extensively in Southern Africa and internationally. Among their areas of expertise, you will find waterproofing, engineering and hydrology services. Please contact them for further information regarding geocomposite materials.