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Easily and Affordably Reinforce Soil with Geogrids


All construction professionals know that soils can easily dismantle under pressure.  Thankfully technology has evolved over the years to provide us with an effective way to improve the structural integrity in soils by reinforcing and confining fill materials and subsequently distributing load forces. Good quality geogrids are the answer for developers, designers and contractors who face the challenge posed by soft subgrades and sloping ground.


Geogrids assist soils to stand at virtually just about any required angle in grade separation applications. With regards to slope and wall applications, the geogrids can be combined with various facing elements in order to produce a desired aesthetics for the project at hand. Another reason behind geogrids’ popularity is that they are strong under tension. This permits the geogrids to transfer forces to a greater area of soil than would be possible otherwise.


Whenever soft soils with a lower bearing capacity are found, geogrids are the ideal solution for long-lasting and effective reinforcement. Even cohesive and wet soils can easily be used to fill in steep and retaining structures, since the geogrids’ draining function boosts the consolidation process. It remains one of the most popular ways of consolidating soil, since it also saves construction professionals a lot of money.


The savings come in where the need for soil exchange and the import of other expensive materials is negated. This saves time, money and other resources that can better be used to boost the quality of the structure. Additionally, geogrids also provide support for the construction of highways, access roads, dikes, berms and other structural applications. Applications that in the past required expensive piling methods or over-excavating on weak subgrades now also become easier to manage and less expensive.


Additionally, geogrids have also been used to great success in base reinforcement applications, in order to reduce aggregate thickness requirements, or even to extend roadway performance and lifespan. At Gast, we are active in numerous major markets that involve geogrids. Some of the markets that we are involved in include base reinforcement, segmental retaining wall markets, earth retaining wall construction, including veneer stabilisation and pile cap platforms, and embankment reinforcement.


We always advise our clients on making use of geogrids for their strength, flexural rigidity, modulus, aperture stability and wide rolls. Its resistance to installation damage is another strong selling point of this technology, as is its soil pull out testing. We are proud of our many accomplishments in this sector and continue to provide our clients with a hands-on service that helps them to make informed decisions.


Other Geosynthetic Solutions and Services from Gast


Aside from providing affordable and cutting-edge geogrids to the market, we are also a major player in the geosynthetics sector. We are a premier provider of both products and installation services and continue to lead our sector into the future. Our service and support extend to any geosynthetic requirements. We can provide detailed drawings, as well as technical and estimation support that helps with the design of constructible configurations.


Another area that we excel in is with geo-composites, which consist of taking the best features from various materials and combining them, so as to meet the requirements of applications in the most economical way possible. This is only one of the many ways in which we are able to provide our clients with an optimal benefit to cost ratio. Geo-composites provide for five basic functions, which are:


  1. Separation;
  2. Reinforcement;
  3. Filtration;
  4. Containment; and
  5. Drainage


Our company fully operates an assurance quality control system, which is based on ISO 9001 principles. This only further underscores our commitment to always providing our clients with the very best quality products and services available on the market. The ISO 9001 system governs aspects including quality of workmanship, design and contract overview, quality of materials, traceability, and inspection and testing, among other aspects of our operations.

We are passionate about providing our clients with cutting-edge and industry-leading solutions in geosynthetics, so as to offer you the best value for your money. Our geogrids and other solutions are researched and developed to push boundaries and break new ground. Contact us to find out more about our many services and solutions that can help you meet the demands of your sector.