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Geosynthetic Clay Liner

Suppliers Of Geosynthetic Clay Liner Materials To Civil Engineering And Construction Industries

We at Gast have more than 50 years supplying the civil engineering and construction industries with many different geosynthetic systems. Our experience extends to all aspects of geosynthetic products, materials and their applications. We work closely together with our customers, engineers and contractors to develop the best solution for their project’s requirements whether it be geosynthetic clay liner solutions or other geosynthetic products.

Geosynthetic clay linter is a woven fabric material with the main purpose of it being for the lining of landfills and similar sites. This product is a geosynthetic and geomembrane which consists of sodium bentonite clay that has an extremely low hydraulic releasing which lowers the rate at which seepage occurs out of a landfill.

Geosynthetic clay liner is the preferred option as a component to be used in landfills all over South Africa and other critical containment systems. Geosynthetic clay liner is able to reduce and even replace in some in some instances even replace other thick compacted clay liner which may be normally required. If this other thick layer of clay can be removed then there will be bigger capacity in the landfill which will directly lead to increased income for our landfill customers.

Geocomposite material

Geosynthetic clay liners are a great geocomposite material which offers fantastic leakage regulation in water control or in lightly polluted water control applications.  It must be backfilled in order to provide quarantine pressure so that the geosynthetic clay liners can mature to their full prospective potential for absorbedness.

A number of geosynthetic clay liner products are used throughout the industry, the most popular and commonly used being:

  • Bentomat ST
  • Bentomat DN and
  • Bentomat CL


Our geosynthetic clay liner products are extremely versatile lining products and once hydrated offers an active barrier against vapours, liquids and gases. With our many years’ experience in its development and installation our geosynthetic clay liner products’ uses are virtually limitless and is used in polluted soil caps, waste landfills, in geomembrane protection layers and vapour and gas seals. It is also used in surface impoundment liners and as secondary containment.

We are proud of our geosynthetic clay liner products and employ constant quality control during the manufacturing, design and installation of all our products and services. We subscribe to national and international best practices and our commitment to customer satisfaction has contributed to keeping us at the top of our game for more than 50 years.

We at Gast pride ourselves on being able to also offer a range of other civil engineering solutions which extends to bulk water supply and purification, canals, sewerage, agri-business and geosynthetics. Other services and products extend to construction and development, commodity brokerage, mining and hydrology and pining and pipelines. We also offer a host of waterproofing products and services, and operate in more than 15 countries around the world. When you entrust your geosynthetic clay liner and civil engineering needs to Gast you can be assured to have the best and internationally accredited workforce on your team.