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Polymer Based Geosynthetics And Engineering Applications

Geosynthetics are highly durable products created from a range of polymers and used by engineers in a number of applications. The main use of these geosynthetics and geosynthetic products is to assist in providing water proofing solutions to a number of structures. The materials can be used to line pipes and pipelines to minimise the risk of environmental elements leaking into the pipes or the pipes leaking the substance being carried into the environment. These geosynthetics or linings can be applied during the manufacturing process of the pipes or once the pipes have been manufactured.

Geosynthetics are also ideal for use in canal linings, channels or other structures that are developed to divert a flow of water in a specific direction. Geosynthetics are widely used in the construction of dams, reservoirs and other structures that are required to hold a large amount of water without leaking or becoming damaged. Geosynthetics can provide a continuous covering such as a membrane or come in a variety of nets or grids depending on the requirements of the structure on which it will be used.

There are a variety of manufacturing processes involved in the production of geosynthetics and polymer material. It is important that each step of the process is followed precisely to ensure the quality of the end result. The products are also stringently tested to ensure their durability to last a long time under specific pressures. There are five aspects that must be taken into account in both the production and the testing of the geosynthetics. These are the ability to separate certain elements in a liquid, the reinforcement it provides to a structure, the filtration benefits it provides, the way in which it can drain liquid away and the way in which geosynthetics can contain water.

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