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Grow Your Business with Concrete Piping

Pipes are manufactured from a variety of raw materials. Some of the popular materials used in piping’s construction include fibreglass, steel, ceramic, brass and iron, among others. However, many are staunch supporters of using concrete piping in construction projects. This type of piping offers significant strength and many other benefits that make it an ideal and popular choice in many construction projects across different industries.

Concrete piping’s incredible power and strength is perhaps one of its most obvious advantages. Precast piping manufactured using concrete remains the strongest available on the market today. It is able to offer adequate resistance to natural elements and offer uninterrupted, excellent service. Additionally, concrete also has minimal reliance upon installation. The average strength of concrete is 4 000psi to 8 000psi.

Another reason behind its popularity is its exceptional durability. Not only is this form of piping able to withstand significant pressure, it can also be used for many years without showing any signs of deterioration. This feature is very attractive to project managers and company owners who are looking for a sound, long-term investment. It is even more important in a volatile and unstable economy.

Fire Resistant and Reliable Concrete Piping

Since concrete piping is impervious to fire, it is ideal for use in areas with a significant focus on safety, such as public spaces and heavily forested areas. Another reason why so many industries prefer working with concrete piping is its favourable pricing. All things considered, it costs less to manufacture, install, maintain and repair this type of piping than most other types.

Keep in mind that it isn’t all simply about the installation and the costs to get you to that point. You should also consider the repair costs associated with use of inferior piping systems. This is why it pays to use great quality concrete piping right off the bat and ensure that your project has the best piping system available on the market.

Using concrete piping in your construction project is not only a cost-effective solution, but a convenient one too, as it can be pre-fabricated offsite. When you consider that concrete piping has been used for more than two millennia, it is clear to see that this method has been the preferred form of piping throughout the ages.

What Applications do Concrete Piping Excel in?

Concrete piping is perfectly fit for use in many different applications. It is used throughout the world in the removal of water, sewerage and other liquid related elements. Its use is preferred in these applications primarily due to concrete’s incredible durability and long-lasting properties. Further bolstering its popularity is the fact that concrete pipes can be used in an extensive array of construction situations.

In general, this variety of piping is used for low-pressure applications, including gravity flow transport of drainage and storm water. It is frequently used in sewage piping as well. At GAST, we are best positioned to provide you with great quality, cost-efficient and durable lined concrete piping solutions.

We are a leading supplier of exceptional quality concrete piping solutions throughout South Africa and many other countries on the continent. Our experience extends to having completed projects that incorporated the use of small and large bore pipes, stretching over 10 000 kilometres. We are proud of our long history of celebrated service in the industry and continue to work hard to deliver on the solutions that our clients expect from us.

From high pressure, large bore steel piping to non-corrosive HDPE piping and concrete piping, we have the piping solutions for your agricultural, mining and domestic construction needs. Aside from providing cutting-edge concrete piping solutions, we also provide a complete spectrum of services, ranging from design and supply to installation in both construction and civil sectors. We have completed more than 11 150 projects in the previous millennium and we continue to work hard to lead our sector forward in cutting-edge innovation.

At Gast, we have the operational expertise and resources to quickly take care of engineering, construction, waterproofing, telecommunications or piping requirements. Contact us to learn more about our industry-leading solutions and how we can help to take your business into the future. Partner with Africa’s leading supplier of long-lasting and durable concrete piping solutions.