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  • GAST Liberty Park 96, Achilles Str. Zwavelpoort, Pretoria, South Africa

Gast, founded in 1961 had its roots in the chemical industry.  This included specialist chemicals for the cosmetic and industrial markets including coatings and waterproofing compounds. The Gast family, originally of Prussian descent began spreading their wings shortly before the Second World War afar a field as the USA and Africa. Lambertus Gast, who originally emigrated had a passion for what he termed “simple engineering truth“. This principle was instilled and today lives on within the Gast lineage. In the early 1980 Gast patented the first dam lining which at the time relied on a technology which Gast had perfected, which  made the “plasticization“ of soil possible for the first time in the world. Research time specializing in polymer & plasticizer technologies resulted in various additional technologies being developed for the coatings , mining, waterproofing and dam lining industries. In 1983 the second eldest son of Peter Solomon Gast namely Dr. Kevin Gast became CEO of GAST, who was largely responsible for expanding GAST as its known today to a multifaceted international operating entity encompassing various fields from Construction and Civil Engineering to Geosynthetics, Waterproofing, Mining, Pipelines & Consulting.

In 2006 Dr. Gast’s son Mr. Kevin Gast, was appointed CEO to handle the day to day operations. Mr. Gast with various executive entrepreneurial experiences has been at the forefront of the modern organization GAST is today. GAST has grown over the last 57 years to a truly international entity operating in over 28 countries worldwide with over 3 generations of family members still involved in the day to day running of the business.