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Dr. Kevin Gast



Dr. Gast has been at the forefront on various technological breakthroughs in various industries from plastic polymers to pharmaceutical compounds, serving on numerous boards in South Africa and international entities. Dr. Gast holds various doctorates in engineering and construction and one of the leading authorities in Waterproofing worldwide. Dr. Gast is also a highly successful entrepreneur, philanthropist and humanitarian. Dr. Gast  served under the Bi-Commission of Al Gore, numerous committee chairmanships for various SABS codes and the past president of the Waterproofing Federation of South Africa and the African Waterproofing Institute. Dr. Gast regularly also provides various consulting services to the United Nations and the World Bank.


Mr. Kevin Gast


Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Kevin Gast is a highly motivated executive who has demonstrated the ability to lead diverse teams of professionals to new levels of success in a variety of highly competitive industries, cutting-edge markets, and fast-paced environments. Strong technical and business skills with an impressive track record of more than 15 years of hands-on experience in strategic planning, business unit development, project and product management, and system engineering strategies. Proven ability to successfully analyse an organization's critical business requirements, identify deficiencies and potential opportunities, and develop innovative cost-effective solutions for enhancing competitiveness, increasing revenues, and improving customer service offerings. Mr. Gast holds various board positions of entities operating in South Africa from the hospitality industry to pharmaceuticals being renowned for his ability to turn around any business and maximize profitability. Mr. Gast is also an astute marketing strategist and branding specialist.

Mr. Jaco le Grange

Jaco le Grange

Chief Financial Officer

Jaco joined the GAST team in 2017, having completed his (SAICA) articles with the Ashton Chartered Accountants Group in 2003 and more recently as a Group Financial Director of a JSE Listed entity before joining the GAST team. Mr. Le Grange brings a wealth of knowledge and financial management to The GAST Group with significant Treasury, Forex and Audit skill sets. A strong leadership and management style, Jaco assists the Board with various strategic planning and analysis and an asset to our organization.


Mr. Leon du Bruyn

Leon du Bruyn

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Leon du Bruyn joined the GAST team in 2017 with a Hon. in Strategic Management, Bcom in Transport Management and more recently employed as the Managing Director of a South African paint and waterproofing manufacturing entity, bringing significant Sales & Operational know-how to the organization. Leon manages the day to day operations of GAST including Sales, Operations, PR & Marketing.


Mrs. Zanliette Gast

Zanliette Gast

Chief of Staff

After beginning her journey with GAST in early 2007 as a Human Resource assistant, Zanliette has worked her way up within the company to the Executive post that she holds today. Having completed her LLM & LLB degrees at North West University she took up her first occupation at a well-known and respected labour brokerage and consultation firm in Pretoria. Her strong legal skills and ethical approach and background to all areas and aspects of her work have allowed her to develop and grow to being a key member of the GAST management team, implementing strong divisional ethics and policies as well as procedures for GAST. Mrs. Gast oversees all Human Resource elements, Communication and Administration of GAST.



Mr. Bennie Robson

Operations Manager

Bennie joined the GAST team in 2012 as a Geosynthetics Site Manager whereupon he was later promoted to Contracts Manager, being intricately involved in various high profile projects for GAST, Mr. Robson was later promoted to Operations Manager overseeing all operational elements within GAST. Bennie has astute technical knowledge in both the Construction and Civil fields, to which Bennie has significant high level project management skills and actively involved in the day to day P&E of GAST.

Mrs. Marna O'Kelly

Human Resources Manager

Marna joined the GAST team in early 2014, with experience in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management. Mrs. O'Kelly through her vast experience provides career path planning, staff guidance and day to day management of the immense GAST staff compliment. Marna has exceptional communication skills which enables her to motivate and manage each individual staff member from inception throughout their career path within GAST.

Mrs. Sanet Kouvdis

Financial Manager

An intricate member of GAST with over 12 years experience within the Group, Mrs. Kouvdis has worked her way up the organization from clerk to her current position as Financial Manager. Sanet has considerable bookkeeping and executive reporting experience, providing a stable and technical know-how to the GAST financial team. A true numbers devotee and soft handed leadership style, Mrs. Kouvdis provides GAST with a well rounded and managed financial team.