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Industrial Waterproofing Applications

Water is one of the most destructive forces of nature as we all recently witnessed with the arrival of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. However, a large body of water moving at a high speed is not necessary to cause damage and deterioration and corrosion can set in from damp or small amounts of water constantly dripping onto a material. This makes the waterproofing of any buildings and structures one of the main priorities for engineers to consider in construction.

Industrial waterproofing solutions are used to ensure that water cannot cause any damage to buildings and structures around the world.

There are a wide range of techniques and materials used to provide the best waterproofing available. APP and SBS modified bitumen have a highly water resistant nature and can be painted onto a surface or used to fill in cracks and joins to prevent the flow of water.

Acrylates are polymer based materials that can expand to fill in gaps and are ideal for waterproofing porous materials through which water can seep easily. Chlorosulphonated polyethylene’s, epoxies and polyurethane are also highly water resistant and are regularly used in industrial waterproofing processes and applications.

These waterproofing applications can be useful in a number of structures from retainer walls in buildings to mine shafts and tunnels. Where there is a large flow of water to account for, water diverting tactics can be employed. Channels, pipelines and cannels can redirect water from an undesired area to a dam or reservoir where it can be held and used for other applications. Every cannel and pipeline must also be waterproofed to prevent leaks in these diverting mechanisms. Dams and reservoirs are waterproofed using these and other waterproofing applications and processes.
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