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Large Scale Pipeline Installation

Factors That Influence Large Scale Pipeline Installation

Pipelines are the most efficient means to move water, effluent or other liquids from one point to another. In many instances, large scale pipeline installation is required to manage the volume of fluid that needs to be carried by the pipeline. Large scale pipeline installation refers not only to the length which the pipeline must cover but also to the interior bore of the pipes. The bore of a pipe refers to the interior diameter of the pipe without taking into consideration the material from which the pipe has been manufactured.

Large scale pipeline installation is a complex and involved process and is not just about simply digging a trench and joining a certain amount of pipe lengths together. There are many considerations that must taken into account such as the environment, the type of fluid the pipeline will be carrying as well as the material which the pipes in the line will be manufactured from. The route that the pipeline will follow and any obstacles that the pipeline will need to overcome such as roadways, rivers and dams or rocks that cannot be removed need to be considered before large scale pipeline installation can be implemented.

The method of joining the individual pieces of piping together is also important in large scale pipeline installation. Pipes can be seamless, seam-welded or flange jointed depending on the method used to join the sections together. A pipeline is only as good as its joins and it is very important that the right method be chosen according to the capacity of the pipeline, the material it will be carrying and the size of the pipeline. All these large scale pipeline installation factors are taken into consideration be a wide range of engineers and experts before implementation to ensure the integrity of the line.

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