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Leak Detection System

Using A Leak Detection System To Identify And Treat Water Leakage

One of the biggest forms of damage that can happen to a concrete structure is that of water intrusion. Many people are completely unaware of the effects of water on this particular type of structure. It can almost be said that it works as a slow poison for the building, affecting the very foundation of the building. This is why the need for leak detection systems have grown along with awareness of water damage to buildings, and why such an emphasis is placed on these systems.

Complex leaking issues due to faulty water supply systems or faulty gas pipelines can quickly become huge and expensive problems, and has to be seen to by professionals. With the advance in technology, leak detection systems have become increasingly more sophisticated. These range from helium leak detectors and infrared thermography. Infrared thermology is able to detect the exact cause and location of pipeline leaks with startling accuracy. Of course, as with most things in life prevention is better than cure, and regular pipe inspection and leak tracking will save you money in the long run.

Another benefit of identifying and fixing leaks early is that you will ultimately save your household a lot of money on water usage bills. Leakage can happen instantly, and it may not be immediately obvious to the naked eye. You may have a plumbing leak if:

  • The floors have wet, moist or discoloured areas when nothing has been spilled
  • The smell of foul odours emanating from walls, floors or near drains
  • The water meter reading changes even when you are not using any water
  • The building foundation cracks, and vegetation grows unevenly
  • When the earth shifts for no apparent reason
  • Your water bill escalates dramatically over a period of weeks or months (compared to other monthly water usage statements)

The question that is left to ask is what can you do to prevent the expense of leaks? Taking action if you notice any of the above is a fantastic first line of defence should you suspect water leakage. Performing regular pie inspections or hiring water leak detection services to identify leaks will also contribute to keeping the damage from a possible leak to the minimum. Repair leaking pipes and replace old pipes.

Any residential or commercial property that has a water connection can benefit from leak detection services, this range from

  • Homes
  • Businesses and
  • Municipalities

Gast has more than 40 years industry experience in identifying and fixing residential and commercial property leaks. Their state of the art leak detection systems and methods have proved to be of the highest quality. Gast’s varied array of professional services range from water purification services and construction and development to civil engineering and mining and hydrology. 24 hour leak detection and repair services are available to all of Gast’s clients, whenever the emergency repair of a gas pipeline, water supply or sewage system is required for your home or office – this is just the place to go