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Liners In The Engineering Sector
Liners in general are used to protect the contents of a product, such as food items like long-life milk and frozen foods. They also ensure longevity of the product, such as the inner material in clothing items. It is also used to protect harmful substances from leaking, such as in pesticides and poisonous products. Liners in the Engineering sector are specifically designed for the project it is needed for. They may be made from geosynthetic materials, but are tested for their interaction with nature. In projects involving water, liners or membranes are crucial for the following reasons:

  1. Water storage facilities are lined to protect against erosion of the water upon the enclosure.
  2. Toxic chemicals in liquid form need liners that will ensure that the liquid does not leak into the soil and perhaps further down into underground river systems.
  3. Water canals and pipes need liners to ensure that water does not erode or weaken the piping or that water is lost through leakages.

Liners in the Engineering sector are made from a number of materials. Examples include HDPE, VFPE, FPP, clay liners and more. Liners should be chosen when requirements of the job at hand, has been determined. Some liners may be more affected by heat, causing it to crack; others may interact with the liquid substance over time etc.
Liners are often custom designed for the particular project being executed and for that you need the expertise of a civil engineering company or a company specialising in geosynthetic membranes. One such company is Gast, a civil engineering company and supplier to the Construction, Mining, Hydrology, Piping and Waterproofing industries. Gast is accredited by the United Nations, World Bank and commits to all local regulations. For more information please contact them for professional assistance or information on liners.