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Mechanical Engineering and How it Shapes the World We Live in

Mechanical engineering is a broad discipline that encases various elements of engineering. It is a vital practice within a contemporary world that is essential in the creation of structures and gadgets that a modern world has become accustomed to and dependent on. From the ancient Greek invention of the steam engine, the reach and impact of mechanical engineering can be traced back through the ages and generations to map its evolvement to this very day.


It came to even more prominence in modern times during the industrial revolution, and it now has various practical applications today. Since its start, there have been quite a few important developments in the mechanical engineering sector. It is simply too vast to mention all of the mechanical objects and devices in use today, but this engineering discipline covers many physical fields, including mechanics and kinematics.


Mechanical engineers influence our lives in many different ways. The different disciplines of this form of engineering make use of energy, force and motion to construct and manufacture gadgets or machines that help to make our lives easier. Mechanical engineering has a significant impact on modern society, even if we don’t always recognise or notice it. When you ride a train or taxi, switch on the light, cross a bridge or do a number of any other activities during your day, mechanical engineering is at work, helping you to meet the needs and challenges of modern-day life.


Different Fields of Mechanical Engineering


Like any other field of engineering, mechanical engineering features different disciplines where professionals can specialise. The sets of skills learned under these different specialties are applied to the field of mechanical engineering, to help make modern life more meaningful and productive.


Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular and modern disciplines within mechanical engineering.


  1. Mechanics


This discipline of mechanical engineering entails the study of forces and their effects on objects. It also involves the prediction and analysis of how objects react to different stresses that they are subjected to. Several sub-disciplines make up this field, including dynamics, statics, mechanics of materials and fluid mechanics, to name only a few.


  1. Robotics


This discipline involves the collaboration of different engineering disciplines, such as software engineering and electrical engineering with mechanical engineering. The many cutting-edge robots being developed to help man to assemble vehicles and other objects largely depend on the application of skills learned under robotics.


  1. Kinematics


Here, engineers learn about the emotion of bodies and systems of bodies. Your car’s pistons or that of a crane that lifts heavy loads are excellent examples of kinematics in use.


  1. Structural Analysis


Civil engineering shares this discipline with mechanical engineering. It is chiefly focused on why objects may fail. It works to decipher the reason behind why structures break, or why they fail to function as they were designed to.


These are only a few of the disciplines of mechanical engineering. Other areas include thermodynamics and drafting, among others. This crucial branch of engineering applies the principles of material science and physics for design, manufacturing, maintenance and analysis of mechanical systems. It remains one of the oldest and broadest of engineering disciplines, and at Gast, we provide various design capabilities predominately used in the civil engineering fields.

We have the capacity to meet all of your mechanical engineering needs for use in civil engineering, and bring many years of practical and proven experience to the sector. In the last millennium alone, we successfully completed more than 11 150 projects and continue to look to the future. As an industry leader in our sector, we also boast with United Nations and World Bank accreditations, which only further gives credence to the quality and exceptional performance that you can expect when partnering with us for all of your mechanical engineering needs.

Other areas of engineering excellence that we specialise in include civil, structural and electrical engineering. With more than five decades of excellence under our belts, we are best positioned to provide you with all of the expertise and mechanical engineering solutions that your business needs to thrive in a modern world. Contact us at Gast to learn more about our vast range of engineering solutions and how we can help to take your business into the 21st century.