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Environmental Consulting

Environmental Consulting and How It Can Benefit Your Business

More and more companies around South Africa, and the rest of the continent and the globe, are looking towards environmental consulting to ensure that their carbon footprints remain as limited as possible. Businesses from all economic sectors turn to environmental consulting to ensure that they fully comply with all environmental regulations. This discipline covers a broad variety of different environmental services, oftentimes tailored to specific industries.

These industries can include the gas and oil industries, coal mines and coal bed methane, to name a few. More and more companies are choosing environmental consulting as a way to help avoid waste that derives from improper environmental land use. The services of professional environmental consultants can help your business to enjoy maximum use out of your property.

These consulting services can also ensure that your business gets off to an environmentally sound start when taking on specific projects. If you need help with getting the proper permits to start a project, it may also do your business well to team up with seasoned environmental consultants once the planning stage has been completed.

How Gast’s Environmental Consulting Can Help Your Business

At Gast, we work hard to offer our clients expert environmental consulting solutions that add tangible value to the concerns and companies of our clients. Our services are aimed to help companies avoid waste and causing damage to the environment. We assist companies with collecting information on the local ecosystem, which will assist with the planning stage of projects.

We also help our clients by monitoring construction and other projects that can potentially be damaging to the ecosystem. Our services are particularly popular among companies that work with or around vegetation, soil or wetlands. We are proud of our long history of service and continue to provide our clients with expert and affordable services that offer true value to their companies.

Taking Environmental Consulting to the Next Level

Our environmental consulting solutions form part of our compliance consulting. Dedicated consultants work with you to ensure that your business abides by all environmental regulations as set out by the South African government. Now you don’t have to worry about hitting or missing the mark, with expert guidance from seasoned and professional consultants, you can keep up to date with the latest regulations.

For companies that don’t specialise in it, it can be tough and challenging to keep up to date with all of the new and updated laws regulating the industry. It can also be challenging ensuring your company’s compliance, so let us help you achieve this goal. We are proud of our successful service history in helping to keep our clients compliant, and will do the same for you.

Aside from environmental consulting, we also offer many other consultancies, including:

  • Waste consulting – This service plays an important role with South Africa’s modern companies that are in need of lowering their carbon footprints, and move towards a green future. Let our waste consulting provide you with sustainable ways to lower your waste production, and boost your recycling operations and options.
  • Structural consulting – This form of consulting deals with the analysis and design of structures intended to resist or support loads.
  • Civil consulting – These services consist mainly of providing our clients with design and analysis solutions. Our services include planning and designing buildings, highways, bridges and water treatment plants, etc. Our civil consultants also work with you to examine environmental situations, so as to prevent water and soil contamination during construction.

These are only a few of the areas of expertise and environmental consulting solutions available from us at Gast. We continue to work hard to provide our clients with the expertise that they need to take their companies into the future. Aside from our consultancies, we also provide a complete spectrum of services, from the supply, to design and installation of both the construction and civil industries.

Our philosophy is based on single point responsibility, and the buck always stops with us. With more than 11 150 projects under our belt in the previous millennium alone, we also boast United Nations and World Bank accreditation. This further gives credit to our quality and performance on all dynamics. Speak to us about our environmental consulting solutions and how it can benefit your business.

Electrical Engineering

How Electrical Engineering Continues to Push South Africa Forward

Electric engineering is a noble profession. Behind some of the latest and most cutting-edge innovations is a workforce that is dedicated, professional and imaginative. One only needs to look at the rich history and legacy of this discipline to realise how much it has helped change South Africa and the world for the better. Without electrical engineering, many of the modern marvels that we have come to take for granted would never have existed.

A mere few decades ago, the first publicly available cellular phones were bulky and featured nearly zero reception. By the late 1990s, with thanks to electrical engineering developments in GSM technologies, cellphones soon started to do far more than merely make and receive phone calls. Today, it has quite literally become a race against time to develop the smallest, sleekest and most multi-functional cellphones available on the market.

The many advancements in cellular technology are in large part owed to impressive breakthroughs in electrical engineering and computer technology. The original leaps and bounds made in this industry are initially owed to the solid electrical engineering concepts behind them. Even to this day, electrical engineering principles and expertise are required to come up with innovative and new devices that continue to be more complex in their operation. There will always be a need for electrical engineering services.

Make Electrical Engineering Work for Your Business

At Gast, we provide engineering expertise to the benefit of our clients. Our engineering disciplines include mechanical, structural, electrical and civil. Our areas of expertise include bulk earthworks, bulk water supply, environmental, geotechnical, water purification, sewerage and agricultural, to name a few. We are proud of our celebrated history in the engineering sector in South Africa and continue to make our expert services available to the benefits of our valued clients.

Throughout the years, we have developed a leading offering of electrical engineering solutions. We offer our services to the construction and civil engineering fields, in both installation and design services. This includes various design modelling and cost-efficiency modelling, including a selection of “Green” solutions.

Our company has various electrical installation teams, with an operational footprint across the continent. These teams are seasoned in commercial and industrial installation services, including new installations and building maintenance below 3 300V. Our teams remain dedicated to adding value to the concerns and businesses of our clients, and work with you every step of the way to provide you with the engineering solutions that your business needs.

Other Engineering Disciplines and Offerings From Gast

We are proud of our extensive service offering. Aside from providing electrical engineering solutions, we also offer an array of other solutions designed to meet our clients’ ever evolving and changing needs. In terms of civil engineering, we have provided various design and installation services since the early 1990s to multi-faceted clients around the world. This includes specialisations in geotechnical engineering, water resource engineering, bulk earthworks, bulk water supply, and urban engineering and hydraulic engineering, among others. These are only a few of the many civil engineering disciplines that you can expect from our experts.

Our structural engineering solutions have been developed to assist our clients with their building and construction needs. We provide engineering support and design capabilities in every facet of structural requirements. Our professional teams provide each client with the most cutting-edge and superior designs, while also creating the same within the budget framework.

Structures can frequently be subjected to extreme forces, such as dynamic loads of traffic or waves, and large variations in temperature, or high pressures from water or compressed gases. Taking these challenges into consideration, our teams engineer structures that are able to withstand these extreme forces. Let us help you meet the demands of your sector through engineering expertise.

We are proud of our long history of service in the engineering industry. Our teams are dedicated, professional and experienced, and bring many years of experience to the industry. At Gast, our regional, continental and global footprint just continues to expand. We look forward to the future and to bringing our services and solutions to even more businesses. Speak to our team of dedicated professionals to learn more about our electrical engineering solutions and how they can positively impact your business.

Flame Applied Waterproofing

What is Behind the Appeal of Flame Applied Waterproofing?

Waterproofing is different to other aspects of the construction industry, as there is zero room for any mistakes. It simply has to be 100% perfect, or else it results in failure. You need to partner with an expert in waterproofing solutions in South Africa, in order to rule out the possibility of failure. At Gast, we make use of the very latest flame applied waterproofing solutions available on the market.

This form of waterproofing uses a product that is heat-fused to underlying substrates. Our team uses 4mm modified Bitumen rolls, and its applications extend to roofs or parking decks, among other areas. We are proud of our long history of service and excellent track record in this area of our operations, and we only continue to work hard to lead our sector forward in innovation.

There are many reasons that support flame applied waterproofing’s popularity in the marketplace. Here are only a few of the many benefits that you can expect from this form of waterproofing:

  • Flame applied waterproofing promotes uniform thickness;
  • Its Membrane can be polyester, re-enforced in order to ensure dimensional stability, while also allowing flexibility during applications and service;
  • It provides exceptional stability at both high and low temperatures; and
  • It can easily be coated with paint for colour coding, among many others.

Flame applied waterproofing offers higher tear and impact resistance, as well as excellent elasticity. These features are present even at lower temperatures than other membranes. The waterproofing can be used in light foot traffic areas, without fear of losing its efficacy. At Gast, we are skilled flame applied waterproofing applicators, as the importance of its correct installation is crucial, otherwise the waterproofing fails.

What Other Areas and Applications can Flame Applied Waterproofing be Applied to?

Aside from the previously stated applications, flame applied waterproofing can also be applied as a continuous waterproofing membrane for foundations, basements, concrete roofs and tunnels, etc. It is applied through flame bonding, securing its grip. Bituminous rolls are perfectly suited for waterproofing roofs, as they move with the structure. They are not too rigid and will not absorb water.

Flame applied waterproofing solutions from Gast are developed to protect both residential and commercial structures from the effects of moisture, water and humidity. You can secure your property against the intrusion of water and prolong its lifespan for many years to come. Don’t settle for less than what you expect from your investment. Let Gast help you to get more value for money.

Aside from providing flame applied waterproofing solutions, we also specialise in other types of waterproofing. Our world-class waterproofing systems and designs provide our clients with peace of mind. We are one of the pioneers and first manufacturers and installers of waterproofing systems in Africa, some five decades ago. Since then, we continue to offer the latest solutions at competitive rates, ensuring accessibility to as many companies and property owners as possible.

You can be sure to receive superior quality waterproofing in all aspects. Our types of waterproofing products include:

  • Epoxy;
  • Acrylates;
  • Polyurethane;
  • APP Modified Bitumen;
  • SBS Modified Bitumen; and
  • Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene.

Applications of our different types of waterproofing solutions include:

  • Schools and hotels;
  • Office blocks and mines;
  • Retainer walls and parking decks;
  • Balconies and shopping malls; and
  • Walkways, among others.

Our expertise extends to the manufacturing of various paints, including Eco-RoofSeal and PR71 Primer. These are used as undercoats on steel structures and roof sheeting, guaranteeing that all Gast products will retain their waterproofing properties, even after 10 000 scrub tests. We work hard to provide the economy with the finest quality, and most reliable and durable waterproofing solutions available on the market.

Thanks to our long history of reliable and celebrated service in the sector, we have gained valuable insight into the needs and requirements of our clients. This has helped us to anticipate their needs and come up with reliable solutions to the demands that they face on a daily basis. You don’t have to break the bank to afford the best waterproofing.

Contact us at Gast to learn more about our world-class flame applied waterproofing solutions and to find out more about how we can help you secure your properties and assets with reliable and affordable waterproofing products.

Fibre Optics

How Can Fibre Optics Help Your Business Stay Competitive and Relevant in Today’s Economy?

Fibre optics are a cutting-edge technology that has revolutionised the way the world communicates. Every once in a while, new technology emerges that changes the way that the world communicates forever. From the telegraph to the fax machine and email, each new advancement altered the world’s direction, and fibre optics are set to do the same. This technology uses glass or plastic threads, or fibres, to transmit data at incredibly high speeds.

The actual fibre optic cable consists of a bundle of glass threads, each of which has the capability of transmitting messages modulated onto light waves. It sounds far more complex than it is, but when you have a seasoned expert’s backing, you don’t need to concern yourself with the details. At Gast, we help our clients to benefit from this technology by using fibre optic communication as a technique to transfer information from one location to another. The communication is achieved by sending pulses of light through an optic fibre. The light forms an electromagnetic carrier wave modulated to carry information.

What are the Benefits of Fibre Optics?

Fibre optics offer several advantages over conventional metal communication lines. Let’s delve deeper into these advantages and how they can benefit your business:

  • Fibre optic cables offer far greater bandwidth than metal cables. Put simply, it means that the cables can carry more data;
  • Data can easily be transmitted digitally, according to the natural form of computer data, instead of analogically;
  • These cables are also far less susceptible to interference than metal cables; and
  • Fibre optics cables are also much lighter and thinner than metal wires, among others.

Fibre optics are a rather popular technology for local-area networks. Thanks to their growing popularity in South Africa, Telkom has also recently undertaken to roll out replacements of their traditional telephone lines and infrastructure with fibre optic cables. In the not so distant future, nearly all communications will use fibre optics, so it’s best your company gets on this train now.

Increased Data Security and Faster Communication

Fiber optics offer increased data security, which is a major concern for more and more companies not only in South Africa, but also around the world. Since there aren’t any radiated magnetic fields around optical fibres, electromagnetic fields are simply confined within the fibre, and because fibre optics don’t radiate electromagnetic energy, it isn’t possible to intercept their emissions. Physically tapping the fibre will take incredible skill to do so undetected. This is why it is the preferred communication medium of more and more businesses.

The fibre also has an incredibly large capacity to carry high-speed signals over longer distances. Its information carrying capacity also increases with frequency. You can achieve faster and more reliable communication that is also secure. Take advantage of this innovation and allow your company and employees to benefit from state-of-the-art fibre optics solutions.

At Gast, we bring many years of experience to our sector. Thanks to our dedication to excellence, we have grown to become an innovator in the fibre optics industry, providing our clients with the very latest technology and solutions. We are dedicated to making sure that our clients enjoy the best returns on their investments and enjoy exceptional value for money.

Aside from providing fibre optics solutions, we also offer many other telecommunications solutions. Here are only some of the other telecommunications services available from Gast:

  • Ducting and Cabling; and
  • Trenching, to name a few.

Trenching, in particular, forms an important part of the construction and infrastructure maintenance of telecommunications services. We use trenches when working with materials that can easily be harmed, or when working with obstructive infrastructure. It ensures that all telecommunication equipment and products are protected from external forces that might diminish the maximised lifespan of the equipment.

Let our telecommunication solutions help you to take your business into the future. Our team of seasoned industry professionals is at hand to provide you with all of the information that you will need to make an informed fibre optics investment for your company. Benefit from our many years of experience and expertise in the telecommunications equipment sector and get the very best value and returns from your fibre optics investment in South Africa.

The Use of Non-corrosive HDPE Steel Piping in South Africa

In recent years, non-corrosive HDPE steel piping has become more popular in South Africa. Among some of the most common causes of pipeline corrosion, high temperatures and extreme humidity can be found across many regions throughout South Africa. Non-corrosive HDPE steel piping is a great answer to these challenges, since it provides superior resistance to these external pressure elements.

It provides a long-term and hassle-free solution to corrosion, and is guaranteed to offer you many years of reliable service. Most domestic or industrial pipeline issues can easily be solved through the use of high-density polyethylene steel piping. Its long-lasting nature makes non-corrosive HDPE steel piping one of the most resilient options available on the market today.

One of the many reasons behind this type of steel piping’s incredible durability is its advanced technological engineering. The technology used in the manufacturing of non-corrosive HDPE steel piping is referred to as Process Intensification, or PI for short. PI technology offers many great benefits, including:

  • A reduction in energy consumption; and
  • An enhanced reaction rate.

Reduce Wastage and Save Energy with Non-corrosive HDPE Steel Piping in South Africa

HDPE steel piping effectively reduces wastage of energy, while also trimming down on overheads. Thanks to using PI correctly, HDPE steel piping has become incredibly weather resistant. Throughout the many areas across South Africa that experience extreme weather conditions during the year, HDPE steel piping remains one of the most affordable and useful piping solutions available.

Yet another reason why this form of steel piping remains a popular choice is that it is highly customisable. The pipes can easily be designed and manufactured to meet your exact needs and requirements. This form of steel piping can directly impact the quality of life of South Africans on a daily basis. Inferior piping can create serious problems. When it corrodes or degrades, it can cost property owners a lot of money and hassle to have it replaced or restored.

Installing non-corrosive HDPE steel piping is one of the best investments that you can make. It offers years of excellent and reliable service, it is affordable, fully customisable and weather-resistant. It remains one of the best options for construction projects, ranging from commercial to residential and industrial projects in South Africa.

Invest in Cutting-edge Steel Piping Solutions from Gast

Gast is a leading supplier of cutting-edge and affordable steel piping solutions in South Africa. Throughout our many decades of operation in South Africa, we have completed projects that incorporate the use of small and large bore pipes in over 10 000 kilometres. With this significant level of experience behind us, we are able to accurately deliver or remove fluids to or from any particular site, or any required terrain.

We design and deliver our piping solutions with due consideration for environmental regulation and aesthetic appeal, making sure that you are entirely satisfied with the end solution. Aside from providing non-corrosive HDPE steel piping, we also offer high pressure, large bore steel piping solutions. Other products also include low-pressure reticulation HDPE piping for incorporation into mining, domestic and agriculture use.

Our steel pipes are manufactured for use in extensive applications that are in need of durability, strength and ease of fabrication and installation. Thanks to our steel piping’s many great advantages, it is the material of choice for use in many diverse applications, including the conveying of gaseous mediums and various types of fluids.

At Gast, our seasoned industry professionals are able to assist from the design phase of the piping network, right through to the supply and installation phase. We are at your side throughout the entire project and offer our expertise and insight for your benefit. Our team of professionals remains passionate about providing an expert and value-adding service to our clients.

We have been supplying the South African industry with our professional and industry-leading services since 1961. Having completed more than 11 150 projects in the past millennium alone, we continue to look towards the future with expectation and excitement. Contact us at Gast to learn more about our steel piping solutions and to find out how we can help you to meet all of the demands of your next construction project.

Residential Construction

What are Some of the Most Important Factors Influencing the Cost of Residential Construction?

The residential construction industry in South Africa has recovered significantly from the worldwide depression of the last part of the previous decade. New residential developments and homes are springing up throughout South Africa and the sector is experiencing increasingly positive growth. The costs of residential construction are an important consideration before starting any project, since nothing can be implemented without the proper resources being in place.

When undertaking a residential construction project, you need to be financially ready to meet the costs involved. The cost of construction is determined by current market trends. There are many elements that affect the ultimate price of residential construction in South Africa. The type of building elevations required also has a direct effect and impact on the cost of construction.

The materials used and their rates are also important factors that influence the ultimate cost of your project. This is especially true when you consider the many different types of building materials now available to the residential construction sector, aside from the conventional materials used in the past.

Other Aspects that Affect Residential Construction Costs in South Africa

Another crucial aspect that you cannot ignore is the impact and cost of labour. Depending on the size of the residential construction project, you will need different levels of labour. Hiring labour will cost money, which should form part of your overall budget. The projected length of time to completion will impact on this area of the budget, as well as the techniques that will be used and applied during the project.

Other areas that you will need to budget for include engineers, architects and contractors’ fees. Each of them plays a different but indispensable role with your residential construction project. When you approach us, at Gast, for all of your residential construction needs, we provide you with a thorough and comprehensive solution, so that you know exactly what is required of you in terms of commitment and financial resources.

Why Trust Gast with Your Residential Construction Project?

At Gast, we bring more than thirty years of experience to the residential construction sector. Throughout our decades of experience, we have provided numerous corporations and private property developers with a cost-effective alternative to their astute projects. Whether it is residential developments, low-cost housing developments, hostels, resorts or complexes, we have experience in each of these construction types.

During our long service history in the industry, we have gained invaluable knowledge, insight and technology that allows us to provide our clients with a viable and superior quality finished product. Our team of seasoned industry professionals works hard to far exceed all expectations that are placed on us.

We achieve the great success rates that Gast has become so well known for through using the very latest technological construction products and methods from around the world. Our team incorporates the latest residential construction trends in all of our residential projects and produce our buildings on time, and within budget.

Throughout the entire construction project, you are kept up to date on the development and progress of the building. We are right there with you every step of the way and work with you to help you realise your goals and vision. Evidence of our construction projects and footprint can be seen throughout South Africa and the rest of the continent. We continue to work hard to meet the demands and needs of our sectors.

Taking the Residential Construction Industry into the Future

At Gast, we provide a complete spectrum of services, ranging from design and supply, to the installation and execution of projects in both the civil and construction sectors. Our philosophy has always been based on the principle of single point responsibility, and the buck stops with us. With more than 11 150 projects under our belt during the last millennium, we look towards the future with excitement and optimism.

As part of our commitment to providing our clients with the very best quality residential construction solutions, we are also accredited with the United Nations and the World Bank. This only further gives credit to our quality and performance on all dynamics and areas of operations. Contact Gast to learn more about our residential construction solutions and how we can help you turn your vision into reality.

Mechanical Engineering and How it Shapes the World We Live in

Mechanical engineering is a broad discipline that encases various elements of engineering. It is a vital practice within a contemporary world that is essential in the creation of structures and gadgets that a modern world has become accustomed to and dependent on. From the ancient Greek invention of the steam engine, the reach and impact of mechanical engineering can be traced back through the ages and generations to map its evolvement to this very day.


It came to even more prominence in modern times during the industrial revolution, and it now has various practical applications today. Since its start, there have been quite a few important developments in the mechanical engineering sector. It is simply too vast to mention all of the mechanical objects and devices in use today, but this engineering discipline covers many physical fields, including mechanics and kinematics.


Mechanical engineers influence our lives in many different ways. The different disciplines of this form of engineering make use of energy, force and motion to construct and manufacture gadgets or machines that help to make our lives easier. Mechanical engineering has a significant impact on modern society, even if we don’t always recognise or notice it. When you ride a train or taxi, switch on the light, cross a bridge or do a number of any other activities during your day, mechanical engineering is at work, helping you to meet the needs and challenges of modern-day life.


Different Fields of Mechanical Engineering


Like any other field of engineering, mechanical engineering features different disciplines where professionals can specialise. The sets of skills learned under these different specialties are applied to the field of mechanical engineering, to help make modern life more meaningful and productive.


Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular and modern disciplines within mechanical engineering.


  1. Mechanics


This discipline of mechanical engineering entails the study of forces and their effects on objects. It also involves the prediction and analysis of how objects react to different stresses that they are subjected to. Several sub-disciplines make up this field, including dynamics, statics, mechanics of materials and fluid mechanics, to name only a few.


  1. Robotics


This discipline involves the collaboration of different engineering disciplines, such as software engineering and electrical engineering with mechanical engineering. The many cutting-edge robots being developed to help man to assemble vehicles and other objects largely depend on the application of skills learned under robotics.


  1. Kinematics


Here, engineers learn about the emotion of bodies and systems of bodies. Your car’s pistons or that of a crane that lifts heavy loads are excellent examples of kinematics in use.


  1. Structural Analysis


Civil engineering shares this discipline with mechanical engineering. It is chiefly focused on why objects may fail. It works to decipher the reason behind why structures break, or why they fail to function as they were designed to.


These are only a few of the disciplines of mechanical engineering. Other areas include thermodynamics and drafting, among others. This crucial branch of engineering applies the principles of material science and physics for design, manufacturing, maintenance and analysis of mechanical systems. It remains one of the oldest and broadest of engineering disciplines, and at Gast, we provide various design capabilities predominately used in the civil engineering fields.

We have the capacity to meet all of your mechanical engineering needs for use in civil engineering, and bring many years of practical and proven experience to the sector. In the last millennium alone, we successfully completed more than 11 150 projects and continue to look to the future. As an industry leader in our sector, we also boast with United Nations and World Bank accreditations, which only further gives credence to the quality and exceptional performance that you can expect when partnering with us for all of your mechanical engineering needs.

Other areas of engineering excellence that we specialise in include civil, structural and electrical engineering. With more than five decades of excellence under our belts, we are best positioned to provide you with all of the expertise and mechanical engineering solutions that your business needs to thrive in a modern world. Contact us at Gast to learn more about our vast range of engineering solutions and how we can help to take your business into the 21st century.

Grow Your Business with Concrete Piping

Pipes are manufactured from a variety of raw materials. Some of the popular materials used in piping’s construction include fibreglass, steel, ceramic, brass and iron, among others. However, many are staunch supporters of using concrete piping in construction projects. This type of piping offers significant strength and many other benefits that make it an ideal and popular choice in many construction projects across different industries.

Concrete piping’s incredible power and strength is perhaps one of its most obvious advantages. Precast piping manufactured using concrete remains the strongest available on the market today. It is able to offer adequate resistance to natural elements and offer uninterrupted, excellent service. Additionally, concrete also has minimal reliance upon installation. The average strength of concrete is 4 000psi to 8 000psi.

Another reason behind its popularity is its exceptional durability. Not only is this form of piping able to withstand significant pressure, it can also be used for many years without showing any signs of deterioration. This feature is very attractive to project managers and company owners who are looking for a sound, long-term investment. It is even more important in a volatile and unstable economy.

Fire Resistant and Reliable Concrete Piping

Since concrete piping is impervious to fire, it is ideal for use in areas with a significant focus on safety, such as public spaces and heavily forested areas. Another reason why so many industries prefer working with concrete piping is its favourable pricing. All things considered, it costs less to manufacture, install, maintain and repair this type of piping than most other types.

Keep in mind that it isn’t all simply about the installation and the costs to get you to that point. You should also consider the repair costs associated with use of inferior piping systems. This is why it pays to use great quality concrete piping right off the bat and ensure that your project has the best piping system available on the market.

Using concrete piping in your construction project is not only a cost-effective solution, but a convenient one too, as it can be pre-fabricated offsite. When you consider that concrete piping has been used for more than two millennia, it is clear to see that this method has been the preferred form of piping throughout the ages.

What Applications do Concrete Piping Excel in?

Concrete piping is perfectly fit for use in many different applications. It is used throughout the world in the removal of water, sewerage and other liquid related elements. Its use is preferred in these applications primarily due to concrete’s incredible durability and long-lasting properties. Further bolstering its popularity is the fact that concrete pipes can be used in an extensive array of construction situations.

In general, this variety of piping is used for low-pressure applications, including gravity flow transport of drainage and storm water. It is frequently used in sewage piping as well. At GAST, we are best positioned to provide you with great quality, cost-efficient and durable lined concrete piping solutions.

We are a leading supplier of exceptional quality concrete piping solutions throughout South Africa and many other countries on the continent. Our experience extends to having completed projects that incorporated the use of small and large bore pipes, stretching over 10 000 kilometres. We are proud of our long history of celebrated service in the industry and continue to work hard to deliver on the solutions that our clients expect from us.

From high pressure, large bore steel piping to non-corrosive HDPE piping and concrete piping, we have the piping solutions for your agricultural, mining and domestic construction needs. Aside from providing cutting-edge concrete piping solutions, we also provide a complete spectrum of services, ranging from design and supply to installation in both construction and civil sectors. We have completed more than 11 150 projects in the previous millennium and we continue to work hard to lead our sector forward in cutting-edge innovation.

At Gast, we have the operational expertise and resources to quickly take care of engineering, construction, waterproofing, telecommunications or piping requirements. Contact us to learn more about our industry-leading solutions and how we can help to take your business into the future. Partner with Africa’s leading supplier of long-lasting and durable concrete piping solutions.


Easily and Affordably Reinforce Soil with Geogrids


All construction professionals know that soils can easily dismantle under pressure.  Thankfully technology has evolved over the years to provide us with an effective way to improve the structural integrity in soils by reinforcing and confining fill materials and subsequently distributing load forces. Good quality geogrids are the answer for developers, designers and contractors who face the challenge posed by soft subgrades and sloping ground.


Geogrids assist soils to stand at virtually just about any required angle in grade separation applications. With regards to slope and wall applications, the geogrids can be combined with various facing elements in order to produce a desired aesthetics for the project at hand. Another reason behind geogrids’ popularity is that they are strong under tension. This permits the geogrids to transfer forces to a greater area of soil than would be possible otherwise.


Whenever soft soils with a lower bearing capacity are found, geogrids are the ideal solution for long-lasting and effective reinforcement. Even cohesive and wet soils can easily be used to fill in steep and retaining structures, since the geogrids’ draining function boosts the consolidation process. It remains one of the most popular ways of consolidating soil, since it also saves construction professionals a lot of money.


The savings come in where the need for soil exchange and the import of other expensive materials is negated. This saves time, money and other resources that can better be used to boost the quality of the structure. Additionally, geogrids also provide support for the construction of highways, access roads, dikes, berms and other structural applications. Applications that in the past required expensive piling methods or over-excavating on weak subgrades now also become easier to manage and less expensive.


Additionally, geogrids have also been used to great success in base reinforcement applications, in order to reduce aggregate thickness requirements, or even to extend roadway performance and lifespan. At Gast, we are active in numerous major markets that involve geogrids. Some of the markets that we are involved in include base reinforcement, segmental retaining wall markets, earth retaining wall construction, including veneer stabilisation and pile cap platforms, and embankment reinforcement.


We always advise our clients on making use of geogrids for their strength, flexural rigidity, modulus, aperture stability and wide rolls. Its resistance to installation damage is another strong selling point of this technology, as is its soil pull out testing. We are proud of our many accomplishments in this sector and continue to provide our clients with a hands-on service that helps them to make informed decisions.


Other Geosynthetic Solutions and Services from Gast


Aside from providing affordable and cutting-edge geogrids to the market, we are also a major player in the geosynthetics sector. We are a premier provider of both products and installation services and continue to lead our sector into the future. Our service and support extend to any geosynthetic requirements. We can provide detailed drawings, as well as technical and estimation support that helps with the design of constructible configurations.


Another area that we excel in is with geo-composites, which consist of taking the best features from various materials and combining them, so as to meet the requirements of applications in the most economical way possible. This is only one of the many ways in which we are able to provide our clients with an optimal benefit to cost ratio. Geo-composites provide for five basic functions, which are:


  1. Separation;
  2. Reinforcement;
  3. Filtration;
  4. Containment; and
  5. Drainage


Our company fully operates an assurance quality control system, which is based on ISO 9001 principles. This only further underscores our commitment to always providing our clients with the very best quality products and services available on the market. The ISO 9001 system governs aspects including quality of workmanship, design and contract overview, quality of materials, traceability, and inspection and testing, among other aspects of our operations.

We are passionate about providing our clients with cutting-edge and industry-leading solutions in geosynthetics, so as to offer you the best value for your money. Our geogrids and other solutions are researched and developed to push boundaries and break new ground. Contact us to find out more about our many services and solutions that can help you meet the demands of your sector.

Acrylic Liquid Waterproofing

When a Good Quality Acrylic Liquid Waterproofing Product is the Only Way to Go

Thanks to incredible advancement in the liquid waterproofing sector, this excellent form of waterproofing is breaking down barriers in the construction sector. A liquid waterproofing system offers splendid benefits, and has become the preferred waterproofing method of roofs for many construction professionals. Acrylic liquid waterproofing systems provide one of the most cost-efficient methods for ensuring that a new or existing roof is entirely waterproof.

Correctly installed and sufficiently maintained, this system can provide a long-term life, often exceeding more than a quarter of a century. When you need to refurbish a roof, acrylic liquid waterproofing can also provide you with savings of as much as 70% of the roof replacement costs. However, this waterproofing system is not only fit for use on roofs, but can also be used on balconies, car parks, walkways and many other structures. It provides the benefit of a watertight surface that is also hard wearing.

Quality Acrylic Liquid Waterproofing for Excessively Durable Solutions

A good quality acrylic liquid waterproofing system provides an endurable and reliable solution. Its benefits are well-revered, making it clear why so many construction professionals trust this technology to keep their properties moisture-free. The many benefits of this waterproofing system can be summarised as follows:

  • Fully bonded;
  • Seamless;
  • Cold applied systems;
  • Minimum disruption;
  • Cost-efficient and guaranteed performance;
  • Compatible with most types of substrates and very easily detailed;
  • Technologically advanced and a long lifespan; and
  • Range of finishes, including solar reflectives.

These are only a few of the many benefits that have made acrylic liquid waterproofing systems one of the preferred waterproofing methods in South Africa today. Of course, another benefit of this system that helps construction companies to save a lot of money on their projects is the speed and ease of installation with which this system can be applied.

When applied to roofing, acrylic liquid waterproofing is sprayed onto the roof surface, and covers and coats the complete rooftop. As the coating is applied, it spreads and forms a monolithic and seamless roof membrane with no seams at all, or any penetration holes. It is a great waterproofing solution for those hard to reach places, including drains, pipes, HVAC equipment and walls, and just about anything else that makes a roof a difficult and unique challenge to waterproof.

An acrylic liquid waterproofing system also doesn’t require a roof tear-off. You can apply it directly on top of an existing roof deck and easily eliminate everything else involved in a roof tear-off. This system offers excellent quality waterproofing thanks to its monolithic and seamless membrane. This durable system expands and contracts with equal tension across the roof as temperatures fluctuate throughout the year, a great benefit for buildings that have to survive South Africa’s infamous climate.

Choose Gast’s Acrylic Liquid Waterproofing Solution for Your Building

At Gast, we bring many decades of experience to the engineering sector. Our Roofseal KG40 product is a celebrated polyester reinforced pure acrylic waterproofing membrane. This allows it to be effectively and efficiently applied to semi-stable substrates, which results in a monolithic and continuous membrane.

We have worked hard throughout the years to perfect our approach to waterproofing, and this product comes very close to our goal of achieving perfection. Our product is a whole bonded liquid-borne acrylate, which only further boosts its excellent versatility, as well as ease of application and repair.

When used together with a geo-fabric membrane, it offers incredibly long-lasting waterproofing for many different areas, including walls and roofs. Its application simply could not be any simpler or easier. However, before starting the waterproofing process, at Gast, we make sure that the area that is to be waterproofed is entirely stable, sound and free of any oil, debris or any other substance that might prevent the system from achieving a good bond to the substrate.

We provide a complete spectrum of quality services for the civil and construction industries, including design, supply and installation. Our philosophy has always been that of single point responsibility – the buck stops with us and we take responsibility for the success of each project that we undertake. Contact us to learn more about our acrylic liquid waterproofing solutions and to learn more about our many other services and solutions.