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The Use of Non-corrosive HDPE Steel Piping in South Africa

In recent years, non-corrosive HDPE steel piping has become more popular in South Africa. Among some of the most common causes of pipeline corrosion, high temperatures and extreme humidity can be found across many regions throughout South Africa. Non-corrosive HDPE steel piping is a great answer to these challenges, since it provides superior resistance to these external pressure elements.

It provides a long-term and hassle-free solution to corrosion, and is guaranteed to offer you many years of reliable service. Most domestic or industrial pipeline issues can easily be solved through the use of high-density polyethylene steel piping. Its long-lasting nature makes non-corrosive HDPE steel piping one of the most resilient options available on the market today.

One of the many reasons behind this type of steel piping’s incredible durability is its advanced technological engineering. The technology used in the manufacturing of non-corrosive HDPE steel piping is referred to as Process Intensification, or PI for short. PI technology offers many great benefits, including:

  • A reduction in energy consumption; and
  • An enhanced reaction rate.

Reduce Wastage and Save Energy with Non-corrosive HDPE Steel Piping in South Africa

HDPE steel piping effectively reduces wastage of energy, while also trimming down on overheads. Thanks to using PI correctly, HDPE steel piping has become incredibly weather resistant. Throughout the many areas across South Africa that experience extreme weather conditions during the year, HDPE steel piping remains one of the most affordable and useful piping solutions available.

Yet another reason why this form of steel piping remains a popular choice is that it is highly customisable. The pipes can easily be designed and manufactured to meet your exact needs and requirements. This form of steel piping can directly impact the quality of life of South Africans on a daily basis. Inferior piping can create serious problems. When it corrodes or degrades, it can cost property owners a lot of money and hassle to have it replaced or restored.

Installing non-corrosive HDPE steel piping is one of the best investments that you can make. It offers years of excellent and reliable service, it is affordable, fully customisable and weather-resistant. It remains one of the best options for construction projects, ranging from commercial to residential and industrial projects in South Africa.

Invest in Cutting-edge Steel Piping Solutions from Gast

Gast is a leading supplier of cutting-edge and affordable steel piping solutions in South Africa. Throughout our many decades of operation in South Africa, we have completed projects that incorporate the use of small and large bore pipes in over 10 000 kilometres. With this significant level of experience behind us, we are able to accurately deliver or remove fluids to or from any particular site, or any required terrain.

We design and deliver our piping solutions with due consideration for environmental regulation and aesthetic appeal, making sure that you are entirely satisfied with the end solution. Aside from providing non-corrosive HDPE steel piping, we also offer high pressure, large bore steel piping solutions. Other products also include low-pressure reticulation HDPE piping for incorporation into mining, domestic and agriculture use.

Our steel pipes are manufactured for use in extensive applications that are in need of durability, strength and ease of fabrication and installation. Thanks to our steel piping’s many great advantages, it is the material of choice for use in many diverse applications, including the conveying of gaseous mediums and various types of fluids.

At Gast, our seasoned industry professionals are able to assist from the design phase of the piping network, right through to the supply and installation phase. We are at your side throughout the entire project and offer our expertise and insight for your benefit. Our team of professionals remains passionate about providing an expert and value-adding service to our clients.

We have been supplying the South African industry with our professional and industry-leading services since 1961. Having completed more than 11 150 projects in the past millennium alone, we continue to look towards the future with expectation and excitement. Contact us at Gast to learn more about our steel piping solutions and to find out how we can help you to meet all of the demands of your next construction project.