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Parking Deck

Matters To Consider With Parking Deck Design
Designing a parking deck is not as simple as it may seem as there are hundreds of factors to consider. The safety of the structure, for one, is incredibly important and this is dependent on a number of factors. Firstly, the materials used in the structure should be considered. Along with concrete and steel, the bonding agent between the different materials and components is a significant factor as the bonding agents should be able to withstand the natural forces that have an impact on them.
Although we cannot be completely prepared for a natural disaster to the extent that we suffer no damage at all, engineering techniques can be used to lessen the impact of any natural disaster on a structure. Parking deck design with earthquakes in mind is probably practised more often in countries around the world than in South Africa as we are fortunate not enough suffer such devastating natural disasters, but one should never rule out natural occurrences such as these.
Some of parking deck structures, such as the ones to be found in Asia, have suspension built into the foundation in order for it to handle the vibrations of an earthquake. Another factor is the engineering design of the actual structure; some designs are able to handle more vibrations than others.
Parking deck design with earthquakes in mind will become a more prominent feature in years to come in light of the recent earthquakes near Japan and other places in the world. The effect of global warming on structures is another prominent factor that has garnered much attention in recent years.

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