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Pipelines and Clean Drinking Water

It is imperative that the water and sewerage pipelines running under our cities and towns are leak proof and well maintained at all times. If there is a leak in a water pipe, it may mean that contaminants can enter the water delivery system which leads to tap water not being fit for human consumption. Visa versa, a leak in a sewerage pipe can severely damage the environment and the water table. Municipalities must therefore employ a great number of professionals, such as engineers, as well as labourers to detect leaks and to ensure that any damage is repaired as quickly as possible to minimise any safety or health issues from developing.

Water is the most corrosive force in nature and considering that water is continuously flowing through the pipelines, it follows that damage will eventually occur. It is thus important that the most advanced materials are used in the manufacture of these pipes. Pipe systems in older parts of towns and cities need to be replaced to ensure that there is not a major failure in the delivery system. There are several projects running across South Africa at the moment to ensure that every person has access to clean drinking water through the upgrade and installation of new pipelines and water systems.

A clean water supply and consistency in the water delivery system can prevent epidemics such as cholera from occurring in our communities. There are still many places that do not have access to clean water and this puts the entire country at risk as waterborne disease can spread quickly. Have your tap water tested regularly and report any elevated levels of bacteria or other disease present to ensure that the problem can be dealt with efficiently.

To find out more about the pipelines that deliver water to our homes and the materials that are used to ensure that they are leak proof and anti-corrosive, please contact us.