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The Value Of Piping

If you had the opportunity to look under the skin of any major city in South Africa you would see a network of piping that closely resembles the veins and arteries that keep the human body supplied with the oxygen and nutrients that it needs to survive. The analogy is closer than you think, the underground piping found in any major city supplies citizens with drinking water, pipes away waste and serves as a conduit for much of the electricity that powers commerce and industry. The installation and maintenance of this infrastructure is an ongoing battle as increasing urbanisation and natural forces all place ever more pressure on sometimes old and neglected pipes. Civil engineers serve as the foot soldiers in keeping the network in a condition that assures the health of the city dwellers and contributes to economic growth. The job is never ending. A tour of the city streets will reveal numerous construction sites where old piping is being upgraded and new piping is being installed.

This job assumes a new urgency when you realise that ever more people are migrating from rural areas to seek employment opportunities in the major urban areas of South Africa. Aside from these pressures new piping installations are taking place on a daily basis as the South African government delivers on its mandate to provide housing for all in the country. Each new township that is developed requires a network of piping if the new homeowners are to enjoy a good quality of life.

As we travel further into the 21st century the civil engineers who install these networks are faced with new challenges, including efforts to reduce the impact of projects on the natural environment. These challenges are being met as South Africa assumes its place on the global stage.

Piping is only one small part of our ongoing efforts to improve the lives of all South Africans. In case you’d like to learn more about these piping infrastructures however, contact us.