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Mall of Africa

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Mall of Africa is located in Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa with Consultancy firm NWS and Main Client as Atterbury Properties with WBHO-GROUP 5 headed up this project with GAST as the supplier & installer of all Waterproofing related elements.

  • 2015Start

  • 2016Completion

Accelerated construction program and elevated deadlines made this an interesting project, however GAST succeeded in delivering a watertight solution within budget and on program.

Dr. Kevin Gast

GAST was appointed to design, supply and install over 33 000 m2 of Waterproofing systems.
Despite the accelerated program and elevated deadlines GAST was able to provide an on time and in budget completed project.

As Mall finishes & tenant occupation were completed, a continuous watertight solution had to be maintained at all costs to mitigate damages to the client and further risks.

GAST's Eco Roofseal was utilised as a complete maintenance free and seamless solution for the integrity of the Mall. The waterproofing system installed ensured a fully, monolithic bonded adhesion to the substrates, thereby eliminating the risk of water migration between the waterproofing system and the substrate and mitigating potential wind damages.

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