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Primary Tank Liners

How Do Primary Tank Liners Work

Primary tank liners are normally made from a urethane blend flexible membrane, and can be used in a variety of tanks: chemical storage tanks, pesticide tanks and fertilizer tanks.  Primary tank liners can be custom manufactured to any shape, size and configuration.  They can be used in steel, plastic, wood, concrete ore even fibreglass tanks, whether they are old or new.  Primary tank liners can be manufactured from other materials, such as polypropylene, polyethylene and Elvaloy, to suit a range of liquids, including:

  • grey water
  • effluent
  • chemicals
  • fuel

Primary tank liners are an integral part of any containment system.  Plastic liners for instance, can hold a wide range of chemicals, form pH 0 to pH 14 and can even withstand temperatures of up to 93° Celsius.  Our premium primary tank liners work in the most adverse conditions, and are applied for a wide array of applications, from ponds and water reservoirs, to cisterns, clarifier tanks, trenches, swales, canals, gas recovery systems, membranes in pressure vessels, and many more places.  Our trademarked liners have been recognised internationally.

If your primary tank liner is used in a tank containing water that is used for portable applications, it is recommended that consumers comply with the requirement of the local health authorities.  Primary tank liners for domestic and rural water tanks are normally made from 0.75 flexible PVS which meets the highest standards for drinking water.  If rainwater is going to be used for drinking purposes, then you must make sure that you have good catchment from your roofing materials and guttering.  Primary tank liner maintenance is also very important.  A quality water filter should be installed to ensure that the water quality from the tank is good.

The distributors of primary tank liners work closely with material manufacturers to develop special materials and the ongoing research is extensive.  For more information regarding a primary tank liner, please contact us.