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Soils easily dismantle under pressure; therefore geogrids are used to reinforce retaining walls, sub-bases or sub-soils below roads or structures.  Geogrids are strong under tension which permits them to transfer forces to a greater area of soil than would otherwise be possible. Wherever soft soils with low bearing capacity are encountered geogrids can be used as an effective and lasting reinforcement. Even wet, cohesive soils can be utilised as a fill in steep, retaining structures, as the geogrid drainage function accelerates the consolidation process. This makes soil exchange and the import of expensive material unnecessary, saving both time and money for our clients.

GAST is active in several major markets involving geogrids which includes: base reinforcement, earth retaining wall construction including veneer stabilisation, the segmental retaining wall market, embankment reinforcement and pile cap platforms. Using geogrids is advantageous due to its strength, modulus, flexural rigidity, aperture stability, wide rolls and resistance to installation damage and soil pull out testing.