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The management of waste and contaminants has become a priority to society and to us at GAST. Industrial waste, urban waste, hazardous or slightly radioactive materials, contaminated soil, sludge and incinerator ashes, all of these can now be safely contained.

Landfill cells are equipped with a complex, effective impervious system made up of different layers of geosynthetic materials, including geomembranes which has the primary function of preventing the migration of contaminated leachate to surrounding soil.

Geomembranes are manufactured from fairly thin continuous polymeric sheets. They are formed by using a low permeability synthetic membrane liner or barrier in conjunction with any form of geotechnical engineering materials, which allows it to control fluid movement in a man-made project, structure or system.

Continually exposed, in whole or part, the geomembrane must be capable of withstanding ultraviolet rays. Installed in conditions that may be challenging including wind, dust, harsh nature, rough, uneven or unstable terrain, GAST ensures the installed geomembranes are able to withstand potential perforation and retain the beneficial properties for which it was selected. GAST is renowned for providing some of the highest quality geomembranes obtainable today, with GAST’s logistical support, we are able to tackle some of the largest projects on earth in some of the most inhospitable areas.