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Bitumen liquid waterproofing

Excellent waterproofing capabilities

Bitumen is one of the most important base materials for waterproofing, mainly due to its excellent waterproofing capabilities and ease of use. Bitumen liquid waterproofing is designed to protect both residential and commercial buildings.

Bitumen liquid waterproofing can protect surfaces for decades!

The substance is manufactured from organic liquids that are extremely sticky, viscous and waterproof, ideal for waterproofing brick, concrete and metal surfaces. The product is the perfect substance to use for waterproofing as it does not absorb water and it moves with the structure. Bitumen liquid waterproofing is easy to apply to both porous and nonporous surfaces as well as durable, non-toxic and inexpensive.


The product GAST UB7 is a polyester reinforced waterproofing membrane. It is fully saturated with a rubber enriched bitumen emulsion and finished with a silver coloured bitumen-aluminium top coat. The use of GAST UB7 holds many advantages, namely excellent elongation and elasticity. It is a fully bonded system with good adhesive properties and zero water migration risk. Where a strong membrane with a rubber-bitumen saturant is required, GAST UB7 is the ideal product for the job.