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Paints and coatings

We only provide the best waterproofing applications

GAST manufactures various paints, including Eco-RoofSeal and PR71 Primer. GAST guarantees our products will retain their properties even after a 10 000 scrub tests. Both products are used to ensure the best waterproofing applications on roofs and other outdoor objects.


Eco-RoofSeal is an extremely durable and weather resistant paint, ideal for roof surfaces as well as other outdoor objects, such as gutters, downpipes, garage doors and cladding. The product has extremely exceptional scrubbing endurance and elasticity and does not harden or deteriorate with age. It is also naturally fungi retardant.

PR71 Primer

PR71 Primer is a liquid-based acrylic emulsion that enables good adhesion and passivation of metal. It is ideally used as an undercoat on steel structures and roof sheeting; however, the versatile product can be used as a topcoat as well.

Paints, primers and coatings products form GAST