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Qualified Mine Engineering

The Many Disciplines Involved In Qualified Mine Engineering

To become qualified in mine engineering, you need to follow a multi-disciplinary approach to the engineering and mining fields. This is due to the many factors that need to be taken into account when designing and producing a viable mining prospect. Mine engineering has been reinvented many times as a result of the continual dynamic innovations and advancements that are being made. It involves mainly the most efficient way in which to extract minerals and ore safely form the ground through the use of machinery, equipment tools and labour.

The most important aspect in qualified mine engineering is safety, especially where there is a human aspect involved in extracting minerals or ore from the ground. Mine tunnels must be sturdy and measures such as struts and other implements must be used to minimise the likelihood of a mine tunnel collapsing to a negligible degree. This means that the mine tunnels and shafts must use qualified mine engineering disciplines to plan the mine operation way before the first spade full of dirt is removed. Once the planning phase has been completed and the mining operation begins, it is necessary for mine engineering to be flexible and change course wherever a problem may crop up.

Another aspect that must be taken into account in qualified mine engineering is the effect that water could have on the proposed mine. Water can be problematic in two main areas; rain water and underground water. Measures must be taken to prevent rain water from entering the mine shafts as well as collecting or running causing deterioration of the tunnel walls. Waterproofing measures can be employed with mine engineering to prevent underground water from entering the tunnels or the water can be diverted to a more appropriate area.

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