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Quality Civil Engineering

What Is Quality Civil Engineering And What Does It Entail?

Civil engineers are professionals who design and build all systems that bring vital services to modern cities and towns, such as water and power through the design and maintenance of roads, water systems, energy systems, canals, dams, bridges and buildings. A high standard and superior quality of civil engineering, therefore, plays an integral role in every aspect of our lives, from the water we use to wash, to the roads and bridges that we require to get us to and from work and school every day, and the power that assists in cooking our meals. Civil engineers are wholly responsible for the design and the maintenance of our airports, railways, ports, roads, bridges and stadiums.

After military engineering, civil engineering is the oldest engineering discipline and is defined into several sub-disciplines which include geotechnical engineering, materials engineering, structural engineering, transportation engineering, environmental engineering, municipal and urban engineering, to name but a few.

Civil engineering design is about creating spaces for people and improving their lives; moments that elevate the spirit is what high quality civil engineering is all about whilst designing superior spaces, enabling job opportunities and new industries and simply rebuilding nations and touching the lives of hundreds of people. Whole communities benefit profoundly from better and more thoughtful design.

Excellent design and a high standard of fine civil engineering should be available to everybody. All people have the right to the basics such as shelter, water and electricity, therefore the vision of the future should be to create and build better lives for people to live, work and play in.

How The Institution Of Civil Engineers Was Founded

The term civil engineering first became known in France during the eighteenth century even though the first actual civil engineer was an Englishman by the name of John Smeaton, roundabout the year 1761.

As this field expanded a small group of young men formed the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) back in 1818, in a small coffee shop in London. Today ICE is still based in London but also have offices around the globe. It is also this group that provides a focal point for the barter of ideas and knowledge. With this, the development of water systems, civil engineers are said to have saved many lives with clean water and sanitation over the years.

Quality Civil Engineering Is Responsible For Preventing Diseases

Gast is paving the way to bulk water supply, water purification, canals, sewerage, agribusiness and geosynthetics. It has been proven that interruptions in water supply results in a lack of clean drinking water, resulting in cholera epidemics; this is common in underdeveloped countries. The worst affected areas are usually rural areas, where access to clean running water is often non-existent. Civil engineering ensures that the water that reaches our taps is fit for human consumption through water treatment plants.

It is important to have a certain high standard and quality of civil engineering that is of a particular standard if we are to live and thrive in a society that is clean and safe. Seek the services of professional civil engineers by contacting us to find out more.