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Thickener Tanks

The Purpose Of Thickener Tanks

Thickener tanks are used to thicken liquid sludge from municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants. By slow stirring of the sludge water, sludge is separated and sinks down to the bottom of the tank. The water can be removed continuously or discontinuously from the tank and subsequently discharged into additional treatment stages. The operational mode is chosen according to the costumer’s needs.

The thickener tanks can be described as an upright, cylindrical steel tank at zero pressure. The conical bottom has an outlet connection on one side and a flange that can be used for flushing or connection of a pressure gauge on the other side. The pressure gauge can be used for level indication. At the liquid level the tank is equipped with a discharge trough which has an adjustable overflow edge and scum board.

In case of continuous water withdrawal, the discharge trough ends in the discharge nozzle. Discontinuous withdrawal of water is achieved by zone-wise outlets. The inflow pipe is tangentially connected to the rectification cylinder. If the thickener tank is located in an unheated property, heat insulation can be attached including length compensation of the connection tubes.

The thickener tank is made of construction steel having a protective coating. The parts of the mixer unit which are in direct contact with sludge, the handrail, ladder, overflow edge as well as the scum board are made of stainless steel. The kind and extensiveness of the protection coating is adapted to the customer’s needs. A positive of having these thickener tanks is that the operation of the facility does not require constant care. The maintenance needs to be done in accordance with the instructions given.

Thickener tanks are available from Gast, and are delivered complete along with full installation, or as according to the contract between the consumer and the supplier. Contact Gast for more information on various types of thickener tanks and designs available today.