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Water Purification

Water Purification Systems, Options And Advice

Everyone living in today’s world – be it in a first or third world country has at some time or another wondered about the quality of the water they drink. Water purification is a fail proof method of ensuring that the water you and your family consume is safe and pure. Not all forms of purification are equal; and neither are the results that are achieved. Following are a few of the most popular and frequently used forms of water purification today.

One of the earliest forms of water purification was distillation. This simply requires you to bring the water to a boil, and then let the vapour cool down in a separate container. Technology has certainly evolved since then, making it much easier and increasingly economical to purify water through various methods and products to facilitate the process.

Activated carbon filtration is one of the latest methods used to purify water. It removes chemical contaminants by getting rid of many compounds. When used as a home filter a little silver is added so that silver ions offer an antibacterial effect.

Another popular form of water purification is reverse osmosis. With this process a liquid is pressurized mechanically and then run through a semi porous membrane so as to clean out any debris. There are some drawbacks to this form of purification, namely that the process is slow and wasteful, but effective.

If electro deionization is used for water purification, it must be followed up by additional steps to successfully purify the water and provide people with water safe for consumption. This form of purification involves a system referred to as ion exchange. It does not have any effect on ‘non-ionic’ contaminates such as cysts, bacteria and microbes.

A cutting edge form of purification is what is referred to as ultra-filtration. This newer method of purification is a chemically formed artificial membrane, customized to target specific types of microorganisms which are dependent on their size.

Chlorination remains one of the oldest methods to treat water for purification to date. More than 100 years ago, the discovery that chlorine could be used as an effective disinfectant meant that devastating water borne epidemics such as typhoid and cholera could finally be wiped out. However, with further modern research it has also been identified that chlorine has its own toxic properties which causes leaching of lead if it were to come into contact with aging home plumbing. It is a case of weighing the good up against the bad.

Gast is the South African leader in water purification. We have been in operation since 1961 and have simply improved on our products and services since. Gast has secured an industry reputation for its technologically advanced purification tactics used to service the African and Middle East markets in more than 15 countries. From our humble beginnings we have grown to become an internationally recognized company known for our innovation and the quality of our products and services. Gast is certainly the right place to go for all your water purification needs.