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Waterproofing Applications

Commercial Waterproofing Applications
There are a number of commercial waterproofing applications; these range from waterproofing in shopping malls to waterproofing in mining houses. Waterproofing is necessary in all buildings and environments where water is present. This not only includes water in large amounts of quantities, such as in pipes, geysers, tanks and dams, but also includes water vapour and damp.
Here are a few examples of commercial waterproofing applications:

  • Retainer Walls are used on roads and terraces where the ground needs to be stabilised. Waterproofing applications for retainer walls, involve the prevention of groundwater breaking through the retainer wall, when the water exerts pressure on the wall.
  • Shopping malls need to take responsibility for a lot of equipment in the building and waterproofing applications may include the waterproofing layers between levels. These large types of buildings such as shopping malls, casinos and hotels, need to be protected especially against damp, which may seriously damage the structure’s walls.
  • Waterproofing applications include the waterproofing of parking decks. Built-up water can damage the structure of the parking deck and pose a risk to the amount of weight that the structure can hold. Professional waterproofing however, may help to keep a parking deck as good as new for many years.

Apart from these commercial waterproofing applications, waterproofing is used extensively in mining as well. Waterproofing applications in mining include storage of chemicals, protection of equipment against vapour and the prevention of water damage in underground tunnels.
The correct waterproofing materials can go a long way in making your project a success. There are a number of companies that will be able to assist you with commercial waterproofing applications. A company which can provide you with additional services, such as engineering and construction consultation, is Gast. Gast also specialises in mining and hydrology, and piping and pipelines. Please contact Gast for more information on waterproofing applications.