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Waterproofing Company

Waterproofing Company For Comprehensive Insulation Purposes

Water is one of the most destructive forces of nature and can do immeasurable damage to manmade structures in a number of ways. Just think about a building and all the ways in which water can cause deterioration to take place affecting the integrity of the structure. This is why it very important to use a waterproofing company that provides comprehensive solutions for all the waterproofing requirements for any building and construction project.

There are a number of different materials that are used by a waterproofing company to minimise and prevent water related damage from taking place. Plastic or PVC sheeting in the foundations, wall, ceilings and roofs of buildings is very effective in improving the permeable and porous nature of the structures. However, piping systems and plumbing in a building require different more effective solutions that plastic sheeting can provide.

Waterproofing piping systems need to fulfil a dual role. The first is to prevent liquids that the pipes are carrying from leaking out as well as to deter outside environmental factors from leaking into the piping system. This dual functionality provided by a waterproofing company ensures that a clean supply of water can be delivered while preventing sewerage and other dangerous chemicals from leaking into the environment causing damage.

The type of materials that are used in waterproofing piping systems is highly dependent upon the type of liquid that will be carried by the system. For example, piping systems that carry chemicals of an abrasive or acidic nature need to use materials that will not corrode when coming into contact with the specific liquid. On the other hand, liquids that need to remain untainted throughout the delivery process must use waterproofing materials that will not pollute the supply in any way at all.

Waterproofing Manufacturers

Engineers work in close relation with a waterproofing company and manufacturer of the materials used in providing this type of insulation. The engineers are not only responsible for determining the type of material that is most suitable for use in a specific application but to determine the ideal thickness and density of the material to provide optimal waterproofing measures.

Waterproofing manufacturers also need to take into account any gases or vapours that may be created and leak from a piping system in the delivery of a specific liquid. In these events the ideal waterproofing material needs to impermeable to the transfer of smaller gas molecules. It is often the case that the incorrect assumption is made that a waterproof material will be suitable to prevent gases from escaping as well.

Other types of materials from waterproofing manufacturers need to fulfil the function of securing joins between pipe sections to prevent any leaks from being created. These type of materials from waterproofing companies need to be highly flexible and deal well with friction to minimise wear and tear on the joints. The temperature both inside and outside of the piping system will also determine the most suitable material for a waterproofing application.